2017 AAUP Updates

09.05.2017 | AAUP Denounces Decision to End DACA Program

The American Association of University Professors denounces in the strongest possible terms the decision by the Trump administration to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). This decision marks a continuation of the anti-immigrant racist policies that the administration has supported from the start.

08.30.2017 | University of Tampa Rescinds Firing

After hearing from us, the administration of the University of Tampa has rescinded the firing of a contingent faculty member over a Tweet that led to an online harassment campaign against the professor and his family. 

08.29.2017 | Dartmouth Must Defend Faculty and Student Rights

We remain concerned about the wave of intimidation and threats that have swept campuses and the country this year, including, in the case of Mark Bray at Dartmouth College. We call on the Dartmouth administration to speak out in defense of the rights of faculty and students generally, and Bray specifically, and to condemn the targeted harassment of Bray.

08.01.2017 | Guidance on Border Searches

The AAUP released a new document with responses to frequently asked questions about inspections of electronic devices by US border patrol officers.

07.17.2017 | Brief Supports Climate Researchers in Public Records Request Case

The AAUP submitted an amicus brief in support of faculty members who have been subjected to intrusive public records requests for e-mails related to their climate-science research. 

07.12.2017 | Law School Accreditation Should Not Be Weakened

The AAUP urges the American Bar Association to reject proposed weakening of accreditation standards.

06.27.2017 | Letter Issued in Trinity Prof Suspension Case

The AAUP today urged the Trinity College administration to immediately reinstate professor Johnny Eric Williams to his normal faculty duties. Professor Williams, an associate professor of sociology with twenty-one years of service at Trinity College, was placed on leave Monday evening after being targeted with of a flood of threats following reports about his social media postings by the right-wing media outlet Campus Reform

06.26.2017 | Travel Ban Case to be Heard, Threats to Academic Freedom Remain High

We believe that the travel ban is at odds with fundamental AAUP principles and our nation’s historic commitment to the free exchange of ideas. We plan to remain engaged around the continuing legal fight. We have also partnered with the Knight First Amendment Institute to look closely into the search of electronic devices at US borders.