Volume 1

Faculty Editor
Cary Nelson
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Managing Editor
Gwendolyn Bradley

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction
By Cary Nelson


Professionalization as the Basis for Academic Freedom and Faculty Governance
By Larry G. Gerber

The AAUP, Academic Freedom, and the Cold War
By Phillip Deery

The Eroding Foundations of Academic Freedom and Professional Integrity: Implications of the Diminishing Proportion of Tenured Faculty for Organizational Effectiveness in Higher Education
By Ernst Benjamin

Ward Churchill at the Dalton Trumbo Fountain: Academic Freedom in the Aftermath of 9/11
(corrected essay, posted February 22, 2010)
By Ellen Schrecker

The Last Indian Standing: Shared Governance in the Shadow of History
By Cary Nelson

The Demise of Shared Governance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
By Nancy D. Campbell and Jane F. Koretz

Paranoia and Professionalization: The Importance of Graduate Student Academic Freedom
By Dan Colson

Toward an Autonomous Antioch College: The Story of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute
By Jean Gregorek

Hidden (and Not-So-Hidden) New Threats to Faculty Governance
By Jan H. Blits

Academic Freedom and the Digital Revolution
By Ashley Dawson

Conference Proceedings

Rethinking Academic Traditions for Twenty-First-Century Faculty
By Judith M. Gappa and Ann E. Austin

Institutionalized Attacks on Academic Freedom: The Impact of Mandates by State Departments of Education and National Accreditation Agencies on Academic Freedom
By John M. Elmore

The Corporatization of American Higher Education: Merit Pay Trumps Academic Freedom
By Robert P. Engvall

"I Have No Idea What You Do Out Here": Community Colleges, Academic Freedom, and the University as Global Marketplace
By Libby Garland and Eben Wood