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Due to concerns about COVID-19, AAUP office has transitioned to telework. Please contact staff by email.




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General Contact Information

Phone (202) 737-5900
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Fax (202) 737-5526

Ground mail
American Association of University Professors
1133 Nineteenth St., NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036


Social Media
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Staff Directory

Office of the Executive Director

Julie Schmid, Executive Director
Hans-Joerg Tiede, Senior Program Officer
Kimberly Schor, Executive Assistant, (202) 594-3644

Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure, & Governance

Gregory Scholtz, Director
Anita Levy, Senior Program Officer
Department E-mail: 

Department of External Relations

Please direct media inquiries to

Gwendolyn Bradley, Director
Glenn Colby, Senior Researcher, (202) 594-3640
Michael Ferguson, Managing Editor, Academe
Mariah Quinn, Digital Organizer
Kelly Hand, Writer/Editor, (202) 594-3648
Rachel Larris, Media and Communications Strategist, (202) 594-3635
Chelsea Fowler, Research Assistant, (202) 594-3660
Sarah Mink, Communications Assistant, (202) 594-3626

Department of Finance and Administration

For membership-related questions, please e-mail

Carlton Davids, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
Eric Whiteley, Financial Consultant
Carlton Briscoe, Controller, (202) 594-3662
Rebecca Lewis, Assistant Director of Membership Accounting, (202) 594-3659
Wilhelm Davidson, Office Coordinator/Purchasing Agent, (202) 594-3637
Debra Hanible, Administrative Coordinator, (202) 594-3622
Remy Tubongbanua, Membership Database Specialist/Trainer, (202) 594-3643
Lawrence Waldron, Accounts Payable/Payroll Associate, (202) 594-3656

Legal Department

Aaron Nisenson, Senior Counsel
Nancy Long, Associate Counsel
Shalita Cunningham, Legal Administrative Assistant
Department E-mail:

Department of Organizing and Services

Christopher Simeone, Director, (202) 594-3652
Jim Bakken, Deputy Director
Shawn Fields, Western Lead Organizer
David Kociemba, East Coast Organizer, (617) 612-5103
Sarah Lanius, Field Service Representative, (517) 775-3434
Michael Magee, Organizer, (425) 232-8907
Marlan Maralit, Lead Organizer, (703) 309-9709
Kwame Martin, East Coast Organizer, (202) 322-8953
Monica Owens, Field Service Representative, (202) 594-3627
Vacant, Midwest Lead Organizer
Catherine Everitt, Program Coordinator, (202) 594-3655