Fighting to Protect—and Define—Academic Freedom
Each time a scholar is shouted down, denied a visa, arrested, or killed for her or his views, the space for inquiry and expression shrinks. And each time we in the academic world stand silent, the likelihood of future violations increases.
Brazil’s Far-Right President, University Autonomy, and Academic Freedom
Attacks on higher education did not begin with Bolsonaro's election, but they are intensifying under his regime.
Academic Freedom in Canada: A Labor Law Right
In Canada, academic freedom is protected by union contracts, but arbitrators can struggle to understand the academic workplace.
Gender Studies and the Dismantling of Critical Knowledge in Europe
Gender scholars across Europe have been harassed online, threatened by email, and exposed on websites. But these are just first steps in a wider campaign against critical knowledge.
Academic Freedom in the United Kingdom
Xenophobia, racism, and the rhetoric of Brexit have combined with austerity and research-stifling audits to endanger academic freedom.
Academic Freedom and China
Under Xi Jinping, China has increasingly limited academic freedom at all universities and colleges, including overseas campuses of US universities. These limits can extend to American scholars who study China.
Academic Rights in Russia and the Internationalization of Higher Education
The few real achievements of post-Soviet Russian democracy, including academic rights and freedoms, are disappearing. Participation in an international system of higher education has failed to curb the expansion of authoritarian tendencies.
Neoliberal Coup at the American University in Cairo
In Egypt, freedom of expression on university campuses was limited under the previous regime; since 2013, it has declined much further.

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