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Imagining a New Deal for Higher Education
In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, a group of scholars organized around a vision for a more equitable and sustainable future for higher education.
Restoring the People’s Universities
Fulfilling the promise of social transformation through higher education requires prioritization of public institutions like the City University of New York and the California State University.
Reclaiming Paul Robeson in the Time of COVID-19
The Coalition of Rutgers Unions embodies a new model of bargaining for the common good.
A New Deal for College Teachers and Teaching
Faculty unions lead the way in mapping out what a real New Deal for Higher Education would look like.
The Miseducation of the Indebted Student
The crushing burden of student debt has educational as well as economic, political, and ethical implications.
Broadening Efforts to Address Gender Inequity
The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for innovative gender-equity initiatives.
Equity beyond COVID-19
The pandemic has only exacerbated long-standing problems with tenure and promotion standards.

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The New School AAUP Chapter
Chapter profile of the New School AAUP chapter.

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