The Fight for Libraries
Extremist attacks in the library and in the classroom are part of a broader assault on public institutions that value free expression.
Critical Information Literacy for Collective Action
The rise of censorship and disinformation requires a critical approach to information literacy.
How Academic Freedom Brought Our Librarian Union Together
Unions can help librarians build collective power and secure academic freedom and other workplace rights.
Worldliness and Freedom in the Academy
The culture wars can no longer be viewed as separate from the material realities of cultural and intellectual work.
Lessons from Academic Libraries about Building a New Academic Field
As practitioners in the interdisciplinary field of learning innovation struggle to find their place in the academy, they can take lessons from the achievements of academic librarians.
The Once and Future Faculty Status of Academic Librarians at the University of Virginia
UVA's efforts to restructure employment categories and define faculty work resulted in the creation of a separate "library track."
Data Snapshot: Tenure and Contingency in US Higher Education
Federal figures on faculty appointments and graduate student employment in US higher education

Chapter Profile

Central State University AAUP Chapter
AAUP-CSU became a collective bargaining chapter, and one of the first faculty unions to form in Ohio, in 1985.

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