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Organizing Faculty through Budget Activism
Pandemic-era cuts to retirement contributions and other austerity measures led faculty members at Johns Hopkins University to challenge top-down decision-making.
Building a New Framework of Values for the University
When universities plunder the cities where they enjoy tax-exempt status, faculty and community members can organize to hold them accountable.
System Error for Connecticut’s Community College Consolidation
The misguided effort to centralize operations for twelve colleges and form a single, statewide megacollege disregards shared governance norms and the needs of students.
Standing Up to Money and Power with Cross-Sector Organizing around Endowments
Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members all have a stake in what happens at Oberlin College and other campuses affected by austerity measures.
How Higher Education Abets Corporate Crime
University partnerships with lawbreaking corporations carry enormous costs to society.
Academic Motherhood and the Unrecognized Labors of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Women of Color
Scholarship on motherhood and contingent faculty labor has failed to capture the experiences of women of color.

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The Faculty Association of Monmouth University
A profile of the Faculty Association of Monmouth University chapter.

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