Knowledge for the Common Good
This article is a version of the author’s plenary presentation on Friday, June 14, 2019, at the AAUP’s Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education.
Political Interference with Academic Freedom and Free Speech at Public Universities
The suppression of academic work critical of government policies is a threat both to public universities and to American democracy.
Rebuilding “Iowa Nice” in Shared Governance: From Sanction to Collaboration
After the AAUP sanctioned the University of Iowa, faculty formed a committee to address governance concerns—and succeeded in having the sanction lifted.
Organizing in the Noncommunity Community College
Against overwhelming odds, faculty in the Colorado Community College System have built strong AAUP chapters.
Thinking about Retirement
A study of late-career and retired faculty members at Berkeley recommends institutional policies based on insights into the needs and concerns of these sometimes overlooked groups.

Chapter Profile

Plymouth State University AAUP
A profile of the Plymouth State University AAUP collective bargaining chapter in New Hampshire.

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