Educational Technology and the Entrenchment of “Business as Usual”
A study reveals how the use of corporate educational technology exacerbates inequity, threatens privacy, and undermines intellectual property rights.
Bad Data Are Not Better Than No Data
Faculty members, academic staff, and students should play a critical role in institutional decisions about the adoption of educational technologies.
Has Quantification Seduced Higher Education?
A growing emphasis on quantitative assessments and metrics is reshaping institutions of higher education—not always intentionally, and maybe to their detriment.
The Academic Dilemma of Data-Driven Decision-Making
The divide between managerial and academic cultures in higher education has widened as outside demands for data—from the government, from accreditors, and from funders and lenders—have grown.
Data Sources, Funders, and Austerity in Higher Education
We must confront the limitations and biases of the data that shape public perceptions of higher education.
Singing the Praises of Shared Governance
Shared Governance: The Musical, a collection of songs written for faculty governance meetings, applies art and humor to serious concerns.
Understanding Disciplinary Differences in Peer Review
An empirical study of broad patterns in the use by journals of single-blind and double-blind peer review sheds light on an underexplored topic.
A Prescription for Financing Higher Education
Financing higher education through equitable federal policies and institutional programs would serve the public good.

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