The Costs of Closed Searches
The trend toward secrecy in presidential searches violates long-standing norms of shared governance. It also runs counter to the public interest.
Ohio AAUP Chapters Contend with Secretive Searches
A spotlight on the troubled history of closed presidential searches in Ohio.
To Lock a Door, It Takes a Puck
The Oakland University AAUP chapter found itself in the media spotlight after it distributed hockey pucks to raise money for the purchase of interior door locks.
George Mason University’s Donor Problem and the Fight for Transparency
A coalition of faculty and student groups is pushing back against “dark money” in public higher education—and winning.
A Modest(y) Proposal
Academic journals and hiring departments need to look beyond the fixation with elite degrees.

Chapter Profile

University of Northern Iowa United Faculty
A profile of the University of Northern Iowa United Faculty, an AAUP collective bargaining chapter.