Fighting for Our Rights Today, Building Our Strength for Tomorrow
The Trump administration's three-pronged attack on intellectuals, the labor movement, and social movements for equality has greatly intensified the threats facing the academic profession.
Administration, Faculty, and the Hard Free-Speech Questions
A university president and faculty senate speaker find common ground in addressing questions of free speech.
Academic Freedom and the Scope of Protections for Extramural Speech
Controversial public speech by faculty members poses problems for colleges and universities that are likely only to get worse in the future.
Civil Discourse in the Classroom
Students must explore the responsibilities and opportunities that come with membership in a diverse, rigorous learning community.
A Tale of Two Arguments about Free Speech on Campus
In today's polarized environment, free speech itself has become the subject of debate.
The Utility and Futility of Good Faith in Campus Speech Controversies
Campuses have become increasingly polarized in recent years. Can dialogue grounded in good faith help deescalate some conflicts?
Academic Freedom, Radical Hospitality, and the Necessity of Counterspeech
Institutions of higher learning must have the courage to speak out against organizations that seek to undermine our basic educational mission.
In Search of What We Do
Reducing what happens in the classroom to methodology further devalues higher education and educators.

Chapter Profile

University of Northern Iowa United Faculty
A profile of the University of Northern Iowa United Faculty, an AAUP collective bargaining chapter.

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