2021 AAUP Updates

12.08.2021 | University System of Georgia Eviscerates Tenure

The AAUP released a report on the University System of Georgia’s dismantling of academic tenure and will likely impose censure in 2022 if the board of regents does not restore academic due process to tenured faculty. In an unprecedented action, the board of regents of the University System of Georgia in October voted to adopt changes to its post-tenure review policy that make it possible to fire tenured faculty without a dismissal hearing.

12.02.2021 | AAUP Condemns Attack on Academic Tenure in South Carolina

South Carolina’s House Bill 4522 is misguided legislation that would do irreparable damage to the quality of education in the South Carolina public university system by severely undermining academic freedom in the state.

11.23.2021 | AAUP Removes Censure at University of Nebraska, Places Sanction on Illinois Wesleyan University

On Saturday, the governing Council of the AAUP voted to remove the University of Nebraska–Lincoln from the Association’s list of censured administrations, and to add Illinois Wesleyan University to the Association's list of institutions sanctioned for substantial noncompliance with standards of academic governance.

11.15.2021 | US Department of Education Overhauls Public Service Loan Forgiveness

After 50,000 public comments from borrowers and an internal audit of borrowers eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, the US Department of Education has taken a series of steps to resolve long-standing issues with the troubled program. Read more about these changes and how you can potentially access debt relief.

11.08.2021 | Next Steps for the New Deal for Higher Ed

The Build Back Better Act funds essential financial aid programs, but fails to deliver on the reforms we need. It goes without saying that we are disappointed in these developments. 

11.05.2021 | AAUP Testimony on Public Service Loan Forgiveness Reform, Part Two

New regulations have been proposed by the US Department of Education to recognize the difficulties faced by contingent faculty in their pursuit of PSLF; while they are a huge improvement from the current program, the proposed rules must go further to meet the needs of faculty. Art historian and Pennsylvania AAUP state conference president Jessica Sponsler offered comments to the rulemaking committee during their second week of negotiations.

11.01.2021 | University of Florida's Politically Motivated Violation of Academic Freedom Undermines the Common Good

UF’s decision constitutes an egregious violation of faculty members’ academic freedom and is almost certainly a violation of their free speech rights as citizens. The AAUP stands in solidarity with these scholars in accordance with our mission statement to advance academic freedom in American colleges and universities. We affirm their right to provide expert testimony and will provide whatever assistance we can to support them in their efforts.

10.26.2021 | University of Georgia System under Investigation

The AAUP will conduct an investigation of the system after its board of regents voted to adopt a post-tenure review policy that makes it possible to fire a tenured faculty member without a dismissal hearing.