AAUP At-Large Chapter

At the June 2019 AAUP Annual Meeting, the membership voted to approve a set of organizational changes as part of the association’s restructuring proposal, including the creation of a new at-large chapter, effective January 1, 2020. The at-large chapter is made up of individual AAUP members who are not eligible for membership in a campus chapter of the AAUP. An overview of restructuring is available here.

The primary purpose of the new at-large chapter is to provide its members with the opportunity to nominate and elect delegates to the AAUP biennial meeting, where the delegates will cast the votes of the chapter in the election of AAUP officers and on other matters. As a national chapter, the at-large chapter does not represent individual members in disputes, nor does it intervene on behalf of its members at their institutions. At-large chapter members are encouraged to form their own campus AAUP chapter if they are interested in addressing specific issues or situations on their campus. 

2024 Biennial Meeting information:


Sally Dear-Healey, President
Pat Heintzelman, Vice President 
Tatiana Mann, Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. Janet Chappell, Board Member 
J. Ward Morrow, Board Member

Mariah Quinn, staff

At-Large Chapter Officer Bios

Sally Dear-Healey (President)

Sally Dear-Healey has served as the president of the National AAUP At-Large Chapter since 2020.  She previously was elected as a District VIII Representative to the national AAUP Council and served for eitght years. She also elected as vice president and then president of the NYS Conference of the AAUP before resigning that position and subsequently being hired as their executive director, a position she has held since 2017.

One of her primary areas of interest is the mental health and well-being of faculty, particularly adjunct/contingent faculty and issues related to equity, pay, promotion, tenure potential, and service requiremens and expectations, including both workload and role overload.

Pat Heintzelman (Vice President) 

Pat Heintzelman teaches at Lamar Univeristy. She is in the leadership of the Texas Faculty Association and previously helped establish and served as president of the Lamar chapter of AAUP.

Dr. Tatiana Mann (Secretary-Treasurer) Dr. Tatiana Mann has been a member of the AAUP for 5 years and served as the founding president of the AAUP advocacy chapter at Texas Tech University and an officer of the AAUP At-Large Chapter. As an officer of the AAUP At-Large chapter over the last few years Mann has worked with her AAUP Executive board colleagues to bring awareness to the mission of the at-large chapter to its membership and in turn to find the best way to help AAUP at-large members throughout the country to form advocacy chapters on their own campuses. 

The mission of the AAUP is very important to Dr. Mann as she continues to work on behalf of the at-large chapter membership and beyond, to assure labor equity and fair employment conditions on university and college campuses.

Dr. Janet Chappell (At-Large Board Member)

Dr. Janet Chappell has professional experience across several industries, from education and business to public policy and administration. She has worked for various colleges and universities, such as Huntingdon College, Jefferson State Community College, Alabama State University, Montgomery Public Schools, the University of Phoenix, Colorado Technical University, and Columbia Southern University, where she currently serves as the MPA Program Faculty Lead.

Dr. Chappell is serving as an at-large board member to advocate for all professors, universities, and institutions. 

J. Ward Morrow (At-Large Board Member)

J. Ward Morrow is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland School of Law, teaching labor law. Concurrently, he is an  assistant general counsel for the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), where he recently negotiated the staff contract as a Chief Shop Steward for Local 2 Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU). 

He is serving as an an at-large board to help the at-large chapter attract new members and assist in training them in order to lead to greater collective bargaining rights for members.