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In August, Kirkwood Community College in Iowa terminated Jeff Klinzman, an adjunct instructor of 24 years, for social media posts that supported antifacism and were critical of the president of the United States. Today the AAUP told the college president that the termination is an apparent violation of widely accepted principles of academic freedom.

Emory University is seeking to fire Paul Zwier, a tenured faculty member, for reportedly using the n-word on two occasions while teaching a class. On July 10 the AAUP sent a case letter Emory University's provost, writing that the faculty member's speech is protected under principles of academic freedom, and urging the university to cease its dismissal action against Zwier.

The AAUP joined the American Council on Education and 32 other higher education groups in support of the College Student Hunger Act of 2019.

In response to reports that the FBI has advised some US universities to develop protocols for monitoring students and scholars from Chinese state-affiliated research institutions. the AAUP and eighteen other organizations have issued a statement concerning how this monitoring may violate academic freedom. 

The University of South Carolina board of trustees voted Friday to hire retired Army general Robert Caslen as the university's next president. On July 16, the AAUP sent a case letter to the USC board chair, the university's president and faculty senate officers, and the South Carolina conference of the AAUP about the presidential search.

The governor’s 41 percent reduction in state funding to Alaska’s public university system would mean closing campuses across the state and endangering the university’s accreditation. We call on the lawmakers of Alaska to override it.

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Mon, 09/16/2019  |  The Gazette

If Kirkwood Community College rebuffs demands from the AAUP, over the termination of faculty member for his Facebook posts, the college could face censure. “I can’t rule it out,” Gregory Scholtz, director of the AAUP’s Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Governance, told The Gazette in an email.

Thu, 09/12/2019  |  TeenVogue

“The legislation is part of a concerted effort by right-wing groups to portray higher education as hostile to conservatives, when there is very little evidence that this is actually the case,” said Gwendolyn Bradley, the senior program officer for the AAUP. 

Fri, 09/06/2019  |  Inside Higher Education

Emory University is seeking to terminate a tenured faculty for his use of the n-word in his classroom. The AAUP sent a letter to the university, writing that his words are protected under academic freedom, "notwithstanding any repercussions of that speech."

Mon, 09/02/2019  |  Cincinnati Enquirer

The Registered Nurses Association, representing 1,700 nurses at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, says the hospital is stalling a grievance on the actions against nurses. In response, the union has called for an informational picket line Sept. 10. The Ohio Conference of the AAUP wrote a July 11 letter on the nurses’ behalf to the chairwoman of the board of directors for UC Health, the nonprofit that operates the hospital.

Sun, 08/18/2019  |  The Chronicle of Higher Education

AAUP's Greg Scholtz, director of the department of academic freedom, tenure, and governance tells the Chronicle that while multiyear contracts provide more stability than the one-year contracts that many adjuncts contend with, they still deny professors a "presupposition of competence." "The problem with any kind of term appointment is that you’re always on probation."

Fri, 08/16/2019  |  Washington Post

Unfortunately many university policies leave faculty who are targeted by strategic lawsuits against public participation to fend for themselves. However there are concrete steps institutions could take to protect faculty, including some recommendations from the AAUP.

Tue, 08/06/2019  |  Cleveland Plain Dealer

The AAUP chapter at the University of Akron is raising concerns after a survey of members showed a lack of confidence in administrative leaders and policy initiatives.

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September 27, 2019

Join us for the inaugural conference call of the Faculty Anti-Privatization Network, a network of faculty dedicated to sharing information about privatization at their colleges and universities as well as strategies for protecting shared governance and academic freedom during privatization. The network is especially focused on privatization of the online classroom.

October 4, 2019

Join us for a 30 minute introduction to social media best practices and strategy. This webinar is designed for beginners. We’ll focus on tactics around Facebook Pages: how can you build a page, generate content, schedule posts, improve reach, and influence the people you want to reach? Participants will be invited to submit questions in advance.

November 8, 2019

This webinar will provide AAUP members with an overview of recommended AAUP-supported standards on financial exigency and program elimination that should be included in faculty handbooks and collective bargaining agreements.


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