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At the AAUP's annual conference, three members will be honored for their extraordinary dedication and accomplishments as faculty activists. The AAUP's Georgina M. Smith Award will go to Deborah Smith of Kent State University. The AAUP's Outstanding Achievement Award will go to Alexander Zukas of National University. The AAUP-CBC's Marilyn Sternberg Award will go to Martin Kich of Wright State University. 

Investigators into a case at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln concluded that the dismissal of a lecturer was related to the political content of speech and thus may have violated academic freedom. The case, which crystallizes the current right-wing assault on higher education, involves issues that the AAUP has been working on intensively this year--faculty harassment and exaggerated controversies over free speech on campus.

An AAUP amicus brief filed on Friday argued that professor Teresa Buchanan’s academic freedom was violated when Louisiana State University dismissed her for making statements in the classroom that the university improperly characterized as sexual harassment.

Upcoming Events

June 1, 2018 to June 2, 2018

A meeting of the AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure.

June 13, 2018 to June 17, 2018

The AAUP's 2018 Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education will focus on free speech on campus.

July 19, 2018 to July 22, 2018

The 2018 AAUP/AAUP-CBC Summer Institute is coming to the University of New Hampshire in scenic Durham, New Hampshire July 19–22.

AAUP in the News

Thu, 05/10/2018  |  Omaha World-Herald

A new AAUP investigative report examines the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's dismissal of instructor Courtney Lawton after a video circulated of her protest against a student recruiting for Turning Point USA. UNL faculty member and AAUP Nebraska conference past-president Julia Schleck said, “I am appalled by the elected representatives who for partisan reasons pressured the university to break its own rules,” and "deeply disappointed in our leadership for having capitulated to this pressure.”

Wed, 05/02/2018  |  Chronicle of Higher Education

The release of donor agreements that George Mason University signed with the Charles Koch Foundation and other benefactors revealed provisions allowing for donor involvement in decisions regarding faculty and curriculum. AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum expressed particular concern about undue influence in hiring faculty and the problem of "promoting a political agenda" through a designated focus on free-market principles. 

Thu, 04/26/2018  |  Gazette

The AAUP's Committee on College and University Governance has voted to recommend the University of Iowa's removal from the AAUP's list of sanctioned institutions because of improvements in shared governance in the two years since the secretive hiring of president Bruce Harreld led to a sanction vote. AAUP members will vote on the committee's recommendation at their June annual meeting. AAUP senior program officer Hans-Joerg Tiede said, “Every time an institution is removed from the sanction or censure list, it confirms the importance of the standards that we advocate for.”

Thu, 04/19/2018  |  Chicago Tribune

Contingent faculty in Illinois are responding to instability and inadequate compensation with union activism. AAUP executive director Julie Schmid disagrees with claims that graduate student instructors should not have collective-bargaining rights because they are primarily students rather than employees.

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