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Support for State Conferences


The following grants are available from the AAUP to support state conference work.

(1) Per capita distribution

Per capita funds provide baseline funding for state conferences. According to the state conference dues proposal approved at the 2014 Annual Meeting, 6.41% of advocacy dues and 6.41% of lifetime membership payments will be set aside annually as the Conference Support and Development Fund. Beginning in calendar year 2015, two-thirds of this fund will be distributed to conferences on a per capita basis.

(2) Conference Development Grants

Conference Development Grants are intended to provide funds for conference projects that support campaigns in which the Association is engaged or further strategic goals of the Association. These grants are funded through the remaining one-third of the Conference Support and Development Fund set aside for conference funding and described in (1) above. The grants from these funds are intended to support one-time and/or significant projects that a conference chooses to undertake. These funds are for special projects: it is not expected that every conference will be eligible for a Conference Development Grant every year. Conferences are only eligible to receive one grant per calendar year.

Strategic Goals:

• Significantly increase membership
• Increase active chapters
• Develop chapter- and conference-level leadership

Guidelines for Applications

The application must include a description of the project and how the project supports an ongoing campaign or furthers strategic goals of the Association. The application should provide a description of proposed activities and a timeline for the activities. The application must include an itemized budget for the project. In addition to the project description, the Association will take into consideration each conference's financial resources, so please include the most recent annual financial report and, if appropriate, an explanation why additional resources are needed. Applications should be 1–2 pages overall.

Timeline for Applications

2020 Conference Development Grants will be due on November 1.

Please fill out the application (PDF) and return it before the deadline to Monica Owens at

Reporting Requirements

A report to the Association on the status of the project is required one year after the project is funded.

(3) Summer Institute Grants

The Association will also make available to state conferences grants to help defray the cost of attending Summer Institute. Criteria and application information will be shared with state conferences annually.