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Chapter Profiles

AAUP chapters empower faculty to have a collective voice on their campuses. Although each college and university has a unique set of challenges, affiliation with the AAUP provides chapters with a common language and resources for addressing those challenges. Whether they are advocacy chapters or collective bargaining chapters, AAUP chapters have a lot to learn from each other about organizing effectively for change on campus. We use AAUP chapter profiles to share the stories of new and established chapters and ask them about their challenges and accomplishments.

Chapter profiles are a regular feature in most issues of Academe magazine. You can browse the archive below of past chapter profiles. If your chapter has a story to share, write to to be considered for a chapter profile in Academe.

Advocacy Chapters

Hampshire College (Fall 2019)
Dartmouth College (November–December 2018)
Trinity College (January–February 2018)
Willamette University (May–June 2017)
Colorado Community College System (November–December 2016)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (May–June 2016)
Purdue University Calumet (January–February 2014)
Merrimack College (September–October 2013)
University of California, San Diego  (May–June 2012)
Lebanon Valley College (January–February 2012)
Stetson University (November–December 2011)
Goucher College (September–October 2010)
Yavapai College (September–October 2009)

Collective Bargaining Chapters

Rutgers University (Spring 2020)
Plymouth State University (Spring 2019)
University of Northern Iowa (Winter 2019)
Bowling Green State University (September–October 2018)
University of Rhode Island graduate assistants (November–December 2017)
University of Connecticut (September–October 2017)
Emerson College-LA (January–February 2017)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Non-Tenure Faculty (September–October 2016)
Portland State University (May–June 2015)
University of Cincinnati (November–December 2012)
University of Northern Iowa (September–October 2011)
University of Akron (July–August 2010)
Fairfield University (July–August 2009)