2020 AAUP In the News

02.08.2020 | Ohio lawmakers look at college protest limitations

The Ohio Conference of the AAUP has opposed the Open and Robust Minds Act, in testimony submitted to a Senate committee. “If legislation like this would be approved, thus taking these decisions out of the hands of the institutions, we would expect that the legislature would also provide funding to cover the costs of the crowds and necessary security that hosting controversial speakers would entail.” 

02.05.2020 | Fighting for ESL

Loyola University's AAUP chapter releases a report countering the university's justification for major cuts to its English Language Learning Program, writing that the cuts “have harmed our financial bottom line and fiscal vitality . . . and this dramatic reversal of course has taken place outside of the established channels for academic decision-making laid out in Loyola’s own procedures."

01.25.2020 | Hypocrisy called out by community college adjunct faculty

Colorado AAUP leaders write in an op-ed about the financial dire straits faced by adjunct faculty who do most of the instruction in community colleges.

01.17.2020 | Did China infiltrate University of Missouri with propaganda — with our permission?

The editorial board of the Kansas City Star quotes the AAUP's 2014 report on Confucius Institutes including our warning that “occasionally university administrations have entered into partnerships that sacrificed the integrity of the university and its academic staff."

01.16.2020 | AAUP Opposes Proposed Rule That Would Bar Grad Assistants From Organizing

Politico's newsletter covers the AAUP's submitted comments to the National Labor Relations Board scrutinizing a proposed rule that would not allow many graduate assistants to form unions.

01.10.2020 | Media Covers AAUP's In Defense of Knowledge and Higher Education

Inside Higher Education writes about our statement, In Defense of Knowledge and Higher Education.