2024 AAUP In the News

05.10.2024 | 'If You're Suppressing Speech in the Name of Safety, You're Doing the Wrong Thing."

"Our goal on college campuses is free and open inquiry and debate. What we’ve seen is immediate silencing of speech, without any genuine attempt to talk to the students and understand the concerns that led to the protests, to think about and hear their demands. I’ve spent my entire career on college campuses, and this silencing of speech feels like a crisis of repression," said Irene Mulvey, AAUP president.

05.01.2024 | Unrest Has Gripped Campuses Across the Country. These 3 Colleges Struck Deals With Their Protesters.

Despite the uphill battles to reach agreements on campuses, open dialogue with student protesters is what the American Association of University Professors has promoted as the best route forward in this heated moment, said Irene Mulvey, president of AAUP.

04.30.2024 | As Police Clear Encampments, Professors Arrested Along With Students

It’s one thing to see university presidents fail to defend academic freedom” in front of Congress, and it’s “quite harrowing to see that cowardice followed up by the sanctioning of police violence on campus," said Isaac Kamola, Director of the AAUP'd Center for the Defense of Academic Freedom.

04.26.2024 | College administrators are falling into a tried and true trap laid by the right

Today, university leaders are twisting themselves in knots to appease angry donors and legislators. But when Columbia University President Minouche Shafik called in the NYPD to quell protests, she was met with a firm rebuke from the American Association of University Professors.

04.19.2024 | Scholars Decry Columbia University's Arrest of Pro-Palestine Protesters

“Wednesday, before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, President Shafik threw academic freedom and Columbia University faculty under the bus instead of providing what higher education and democracy require: a robust defense of academic freedom and its essential protection of extramural speech,” AAUP President Dr. Irene Mulvey said.

04.17.2024 | Who Are the Columbia Professors Mentioned in the House Hearing?

At the hearing, Dr. Shafik divulged that two of the professors — Dr. Massad and Ms. Franke — were under investigation for making “discriminatory remarks,” and said that Dr. Abdou “will never work at Columbia again.” Such responses drew a sharp rebuke from some professors and the American Association of University Professors, which said she capitulated to political grandstanding and, in the process, violated established tenets of academic freedom.

04.16.2024 | ‘You Are in the Crosshairs’: Higher Ed Braces for Another Antisemitism Hearing

“We are witnessing a new strain of McCarthyism in the U.S. where instead of going after Hollywood, it is professors and higher education that are under attack,” said AAUP president Irene Mulvey. “Like the original McCarthyism, people’s lives are being upended, their careers are being ruined, and they are losing their livelihoods based on narratives being pushed to further a political agenda that have no basis in reality.”

04.10.2024 | Texas lawmakers, DEI advocates speak out against UT's decision to terminate division

Dr. Brian Evans, the interim president of the Texas Conference of the AAUP, said he’s heard from at least 66 UT faculty members who said they received a notice of termination. He thinks that number could grow. "They lost staff who provided the academic advising, the scholarships, connections with internships, counseling, health services, food pantries, and ways to connect with other students," said Evans.

04.01.2024 | Black Scholars Face Anonymous Accusations in Anti-DEI Crusade

“If it’s being done through an anonymous complaint process, then that indicates to me that it’s a political hit job,” said Isaac Kamola, director of the Center for the Defense of Academic Freedom at the American Association of University Professors.  “It’s a mockery of academic peer review.” An allegation of plagiarism “needs to be evaluated outside of a right-wing ecosystem that is committed to destroying the careers of Black scholars,” he said.

03.23.2024 | Indiana Law Requires Professors to Promote ‘Intellectual Diversity’ or Face Penalties

Alice Pawley, a professor of engineering education at Purdue University and president of the univeritity's AAUP chapter, said that many faculty members in Indiana were angered by the new restrictions, and that “nobody trusts that this is actually going to be fairly applied.” Many felt discouraged about their job security, believing it would be at the mercy of trustees who are not experts in their fields and would be making decisions on the basis of highly subjective criteria.

03.14.2024 | Low Grade? Arizona Bill Would Let Students Allege "Political Bias"

The bill “seems to be deeply problematic; it assigns to the Board of Regents powers that it really should have delegated to faculty,” said Mark Criley, a senior program officer for the American Association of University Professors’ Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Governance. A faculty member’s right to assign the grades he or she believes a student deserves is considered a pillar of academic freedom.

03.01.2024 | A Proposal to Tie Tenure to Intellectual Diversity Nears Approval in Indiana

"It is a blank check to fire any faculty member for any reason, at any time, regardless of tenure. I think people find that hard to believe, because it is so shocking and so radical and so un-American, but that is what the text says.”

02.26.2024 | Defending Academic Freedom on Campus

Since 1915 and urgently since Oct. 7, the A.A.U.P. has advocated a robust concept of academic freedom. We have urged administrators to provide an environment in which no voices are silenced, no ideas are suppressed, and the most deeply held beliefs are subject to challenge.

02.23.2024 | About 75% of CSU Pueblo faculty experience economic stress, survey finds

Jonathan Rees, president of CSU Pueblo's AAUP chapter, said his hope is that the survey convinces the administration to move faculty economic concerns way up the priority list. "If we explain how bad the problem is, then maybe we won't be the last thing they worry about when they are putting together next year's budget."

02.21.2024 | Indiana Bill Threatens Faculty Members Who Don’t Provide ‘Intellectual Diversity’

“These measures would severely constrain academic freedom,” says a joint statement by the Purdue at West Lafayette and Indiana University at Bloomington chapters of the AAUP. “The security imparted by tenure is the fundamental protection of academic freedom; its loss would make university positions in Indiana undesirable. Recruiting and retaining top faculty, who will always have alternatives, will no longer be possible.”

02.01.2024 | The Florida GOP’s removal of this core college course is absurd

This strike at sociology is very on-brand for the Florida GOP. We know about DeSantis’ ongoing crusade to commandeer all leadership positions at New College of Florida. Elsewhere, a proverbial Florida Man (with the checkered past and absence of relevant credentials that such an identity entails) has been installed as the leader of South Florida State College. The American Association of University Professors chronicled this and other outrageous Sunshine State power grabs in a report so full of absurd details that it reads like a campus novel.

02.01.2024 | U.S. colleges are overusing — and underpaying — adjunct professors

There is no more important place for colleges to spend their money than hiring the best instructors they can find and providing fair pay, benefits and reasonable working conditions.

01.29.2024 | At Penn, Tensions May Only Be Growing After Magill’s Resignation

“This is an anti-democratic attack unfolding, not just at Penn, but all across the country, including at public universities in Florida, in Texas, Ohio and beyond,” said Offner, the president of the university’s chapter of the AAUP, a professional faculty organization.

Penn, she said, had become “ground zero of a coordinated national assault on higher education, an assault organized by billionaires, lobbying organizations and politicians who would like to control what can be studied and taught in the United States.”

01.28.2024 | At colleges, unions fight for equity as well as pay

what makes the labor movement in higher ed different from the larger labor movement is that in addition to bread-and-butter issues, there’s always demands for academic freedom and often racial justice, equity issues, mental health issues, social justice issues,” Irene Mulvey, president of the American Association of University Professors, told The Hill.


01.23.2024 | 'Let us teach': Over 100 Penn affiliates gather in AAUP-led protest for academic freedom

“Universities don’t exist to serve private interests. They are not tools for the business interests or political agendas of donors and trustees." - AAUP Penn president Amy Offner

01.13.2024 | “Really personal”: Billionaire targets MIT after Harvard plagiarism crusade backfires on his wife

"Given how quickly the focus of the people claiming to be concerned about antisemitism on our campuses shifted to plagerism, it certainly appears that the focus was never really about antisemitism and protecting students," Irene Mulvey, the president of the AAUP told Salon. "It's part of a long-running, well-funded effort to create a false narrative for the public that higher education is broken."

01.07.2024 | “The issue was never plagiarism”: Right-wingers “signaled their intentions” before Harvard scandal

This plagiarism charge was never about integrity. “If the plagiarism accusations didn't stick, they would’ve dropped them and moved on to something else,” Irene Mulvey, President of the AAUP, told Salon.

There's something illegitimate about these accusations, mainly because of the way they were entered into the “public sphere,” she added. The unfairness of what happened to Gay is visible for everyone to see, but faculty of color have always navigated extra challenges in academia.

01.07.2024 | 'Exhausted', 'confused,' 'unprecedented': Texas professors, students reflect on DEI ban

“It is creating a chilling effect on people of color and queer students and our allies who want to come to places like UT-Austin. Why would you come to an institution that makes you hide parts of yourself or does not give full dignity to all parts of yourself?”

The confusion and despair on campus is profound, said Karma Chavez, a UT Mexican American and Latina/o Studies professor and an executive committee member of the UT chapter of the AAUP.