2022 AAUP Updates

12.21.2022 | 2023 Appropriations Package Encouraging

The package contains increased funding for Pell Grants, research infrastructure at HBCUs and minority serving institutions, and other programs that help students, as well as critical funding for the National Labor Relations Board.

11.18.2022 | AAUP Calls on President Biden to Continue to Protect Student Borrowers

Debt relief for so many is on hold during the appeal of the latest court decision. It is only fair that repayments be on hold during this time, too.

11.02.2022 | Widening Antisemitism Definition May Lead to Narrowing Education

The AAUP warns of potential academic freedom consequences regarding the Department of Education's proposed expansion of a definition of antisemitism under Title VI to encompass political criticisms of the state of Israel.

11.01.2022 | Department of Education Announces New Regulations

The AAUP welcomes continued efforts to streamline PSLF and improve college and loan-forgiveness access.

10.19.2022 | The AAUP Launches Investigation into Emporia State University Mass Layoffs

The AAUP has authorized an investigation into the Emporia State University administration’s extraordinary summary dismissal of thirty-three faculty members, most of them long-serving professors with tenure.

The process by which these termination decisions were made – without any meaningful faculty participation and without affording the affected faculty members academic due process – appears illegitimate and the terminations themselves appear to involve severe violations of widely accepted principles of academic freedom and tenure.

10.13.2022 | Florida's Stop WOKE Act Must Be Rejected by the Court

AAUP president Irene Mulvey condemns the recent filing by lawyers for the state of Florida defending the "Stope WOKE Act" and emphasizes that it is educational gag orders like this that are the real threat to American higher education and must be rejected by the court.

09.30.2022 | AAUP Urges Reversal of Summary Dismissals at Emporia State University

The Association regards the process by which the termination decisions were reached to be “illegitimate and the terminations themselves to be summary dismissals” in violation of widely accepted principles of academic freedom and tenure.

09.29.2022 | University of Idaho Should Rescind Guidance on Speech about Abortion

The new guidance appears to be an overreaction by the administration to changes in state law, and calls into question the administration's commitment to academic freedom.