Information and Resources for Sections

A section is a mechanism to ensure that small chapters’ voices are heard and to allow chapters to pool resources to make attendance at the biennial delegate meeting more affordable. 

The February 15, 2022, deadline for forming a state section has now passed, and the Google form used for forming a section is no longer accepting responses.

State-by-State List of Section Coordinators. We will update this page with the names and email addresses of state section coordinators along with lists of chapters participating in the state's section. March 15, 2022, is the deadline for eligible chapters in states with sections to join the section.


What is a Section? FAQs

Forming a Section for Delegate Representation (timeline and procedures)

Slides on Forming and Operating Sections (member-only PDF) 

Slides on Electing Delegates (member-only PDF). Provides an overview of the rules governing the nomination and election of delegates, including section delegates; reviews sample documents that sections can use; and discusses some practical aspects of nominating and electing delegates

US Department of Labor Guidance on elections.