Marilyn Sternberg Award

The award, established in 1981, is given to the “AAUP member who best demonstrates concern for human rights, courage, persistence, political foresight, imagination, and collective bargaining skills." The award comes with $300, to be given to the individual or chapter or the special AAUP fund of the awardee's choice.

All AAUP union chapters are invited to submit nominations for the award; the nominees may be individuals or chapters. The award is presented at the biennial meeting of the AAUP.

To nominate a candidate for the award, please send by email a description of the nominee's achievements with supporting materials to Jerome Thompson.

Recipients of the Marilyn Sternberg Award

1982 Ernst Benjamin, Wayne State University
1983 David Newton, Connecticut State University
1984 Leroy Dubeck, Temple University
1985 Dorothea Hubin, Fairleigh Dickson University
1986 Peter Falley, Fairleigh Dickson University
1987 Sylvia Aron, Adelphi University
1988 Betty Frankle Kirschner, Kent State University
1989 Norman J. Kopmeyer, Wayne State University
1990 Pat Strauss, Oakland University
1991 Jane Buck, Delaware State University and
Vivienne Gilroy, Union County College, NJ
1992 Wells H. Keddie, Rutgers University
1993 Pearl Gasarch, New York City Technical College
1994 Maita Levine, University of Cincinnati
1995 Maita Levine, University of Cincinnati
1996 Phyllis Gold Gluck, City University of New York and
Sally McCracken, Eastern Michigan University
1997 Jeffery Halpern, Rider University
2000 Mary Gibson, Rutgers University
2001 Larry Glenn, Connecticut State University
2002 Estelle Gellman, Hofsta University
2003 Janet West, University of Nebraska-Omaha
2004 Susan Meisenhelder, California Faculty Association
2005 Carole O’Neill, Emerson College, and the Rutgers Council TA/GA Steering Committee
2006 Rodger Govea, Cleveland State University
2007 Ronald L. Cramer, Oakland University
2008     Barbara Bowen, Professional Staff Congress


Dorothy Donnelly, Rhode Island University
2010     Rudy Fichtenbaum, Wright State University
2011 Howard Bunsis, Eastern Michigan University, and Steve Aby, University of Akron
2012 Vijay Nair, Western Connecticut State University, and Deanna Wood, University of New Hampshire
2013 Janet Golden, Rutgers University–Camden

Mary King, Portland State University

David Shiman, University of Vermont


Irene Mulvey, Fairfield University

2016 Pamela S. Ecker, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
2017 John Zipp, University of Akron
2018 Martin Kich, Wright State University
2019 Noeleen McIlvenna, Wright State University
2020 Deepa Kumar, Rutgers University
2022 Johanna Foster, Monmouth University