Volume 9

Faculty Editor
Rachel Ida Buff
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Staff Editor
Kelly Hand

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Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction
By Rachel Ida Buff

“Affirming Our Values”: African American Scholars, White Virtual Mobs, and the Complicity of White University Administrators
By Stephen C. Finley, Biko M. Gray, and Lori Latrice Martin

The Academic Freedom Double Standard: “Freedom” for Courtiers, Suppression for Critical Scholars
By Johnny Eric Williams

When Free Speech Disrupts Diversity Initiatives: What We Value and What We Do Not
By Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt

At the Margins of University Work: The Influence of Campus Climate and Part-Time Faculty Status on Academic Values
By Cassie L. Barnhardt and Carson W. Phillips

Diversity Work: Testing the Waters of Academic Freedom and the Cultural Climate on Campus
By Kevicha Echols and Juan Morales-Flores

The Ironic Interplay of Free Speech and Silencing: Does Workplace Bullying Compromise Free Speech in Higher Education?
By Leah P. Hollis

Free Speech, Safe Spaces, and Teaching in the Current US Political Climate
By Jaime Weida

Stopping the Presses: Private Universities and Gag Orders on Media Interviews
By Frank LoMonte and Linda Riedemann Norbut

Academic Freedom under the Gun: A Report from Kansas
By Elizabeth Esch, Megan Jones, and David Roediger

Not Chilly Enough? Texas Campus Carry and Academic Freedom
By Patricia Somers and Nicholas Phelps

Managing the Academic Racehorse: Bioaccountability, Surveillance, and the Crafting of Docile Faculty in Mexican Universities
By Blanca Minerva Torres-Olave and María Elena Torres-Olave

Illuminating the Dark History behind the Contemporary Assault on Public Interests
By Joseph B. Walzer