Resources on Contingent Positions

Numbers and Data

AAUP Interactive Data Tool

Data Snapshot: Tenure and Contingency in US Higher Education. March 2023.

Trends in the Academic Labor Force, 1975-2015 (.pdf) March 2017.

The Employment Status of Instructional Staff Members in Higher Education, Fall 2011 (.pdf). A data report, released April 2014, 68 pp.

AAUP Policy Statements & Reports 

Contingent Faculty and the Global Pandemic. 2020.

Academic Due Process for Non-Tenure-Track Full-Time Faculty Members after Seven Years of Service. 2015.

Statement on the Affordable Care Act and Part-Time Faculty Positions. 2013.

The Inclusion in Governance of Faculty Members Holding Contingent Appointments. 2012.

Tenure and Teaching-Intensive Appointments. 2010.

Looking the Other Way? Accreditation Standards and Part-Time Faculty. 2008.

Part-time Faculty Appointments. Section 13 of the Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure. 2018.

Contingent Appointments and the Academic Profession. 2003.

The Applicability of the Standards for Notice of Nonreappointment to All Full-Time Faculty Members on Renewable Term Appointments. 1995.

The Status of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty. 1993.

AAUP Guidance and Resources

Background Facts on Contingent Appointments

Unemployment Insurance Information. 2016 guidance makes it easier for faculty in contingent appointments to qualify for unemployment compensation over the summer. 

One Faculty Campaign. Through the campaign, AAUP staff, leaders, and members are working together to develop tools that faculty can use on their campuses to gain concrete improvements in job security and working conditions for faculty on contingent appointments.