2022 Resolution

Delegates at the 2022 Biennial Association Meeting passed the following resolution:

In recognition of the ongoing attacks against meaningful faculty involvement in decisions directly affecting them at institutions across the country, be it resolved that

  • The AAUP biennial meeting affirms that shared governance is the key to engendering and fulfilling cooperative and collaborative commitment to the pursuit of common good, especially in the context of financial exigency ensuing from the global pandemic.
  • The AAUP biennial meeting condemns the use of nondisclosure agreements by administrations during collective bargaining negotiations or during any other process where these agreements are used to stifle faculty consultation and engagement.
  • The AAUP biennial meeting calls on the AAUP to advocate for and promote open communication with transparency and integrity among all stakeholders of higher educational institutions.
  • The AAUP biennial meeting recognizes that shared governance should be based on a coequal and reciprocal partnership among the board of trustees, the administration, and the faculty for the pursuit of common good.