Volume 6

Guest Editor
Michael Bérubé
Pennsylvania State University

Managing Editor
Gwendolyn Bradley

Assistant Editors
Edward Graham and Kelly Hand

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction
By Michael Bérubé

Professionalism and Unionism: Academic Freedom, Collective Bargaining, and the American Association of University Professors
By Henry Reichman

Catholicism and Unions: The Case for Adjunct Unions at Catholic Universities
By James Bailey

A New Hope? Pope Francis, the Academy, and LGBT Scholars and Scholarship
By Richard W. McCarty

The “Textbook Controversy”: Lessons for Contemporary Economics
By Catherine Lawson

Title IX, Sexual Harassment, and Academic Freedom: What No One Seems to Understand
By Richard Hanley

The Canadian Model: A Potential Solution to Institutional Review Board Overreach
By James Nichols

Risking Responsibility
By John Mowitt

The Personal Ethics of Academic Freedom: Problems of Knowledge and Democratic Competence
By Patrick Colm Hogan

Academic Freedom and Extramural Utterances: The Leo Koch and Steven Salaita Cases at the University of Illinois
By John Wilson

Civility and Academic Freedom after Salaita
By David Moshman and Frank Edler

Professor Salaita's Intramural Speech
By Don Eron

Garcetti and Salaita: Revisiting Academic Freedom
By Andrew Squires

Everything Old Is New Again: Bertrand Russell and Steven Salaita
By Sean Anderson

Social Media & the Politics of Collegiality: An Interview with Steven Salaita
By Karrieann Soto Vega and Vani Kannan

Steven Salaita’s Scholarly Record and the Problem of His Appointment
By Cary Nelson

Response to Cary Nelson
By Robert Warrior