Not Chilly Enough? Texas Campus Carry and Academic Freedom

By Patricia Somers and Nicholas Phelps


The Texas campus carry law (S.B. 11) intentionally went into effect on the fiftieth anniversary of the Tower shooting at the University of Texas at Austin while the campus and the state mourned the long-ago loss of life. S.B. 11 legalized the carry of concealed handguns with a chambered round by licensed permit holders in most academic, administrative, and residential spaces, including most classrooms and many offices, at public colleges and universities. Reaction was quick, especially on the UT-Austin campus. Gun-free UT rallied with the slogan “Armed with Reason”; students joined a “Cocks Not Glocks” rally that received worldwide publicity; and three UT faculty members filed suit in federal district court. In this article, we discuss the history and background of the Texas law, the reactions of faculty members, and the two court decisions. We also suggest that more faculty data will bolster future court challenges to campus carry.

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