Legal Informational Outlines

These annual legal roundups summarize and highlight a number of significant decisions affecting academic life and cover "hot" issues occurring that year. They are all printer-friendly .pdfs.

Legal roundups summarize decisions and developments on the following topics in the years noted. Other topics are addressed periodically.

Academic Freedom (2009-2016)
Academic Research and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests (2009-2016)
Collective Bargaining (2009-2016)
Contingent Faculty Positions (2009)
Copyright, Distance Education, & Intellectual Property (2009-2016)
Discrimination (2009-2016)
Diversity and Affirmative Action (2011-2016)
Institutional Authority and Governance (2009, 2011, 2013)
Graduate Students (2011-2016)
Sexual Diversity and Gender Identification (2013-2014)
Tenure (2009-2016)

2016 Legal Roundup
2015 Legal Roundup
2014 Legal Roundup
2013 Legal Roundup
2012 Legal Roundup
2011 Legal Roundup
2010 Legal Roundup
2009 Legal Roundup

For more information about a particular subject, please see our  list of resources broken down by topic. For questions about the cases covered in these roundups, please contact our legal office.