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Legal Informational Outlines

These annual legal roundups summarize and highlight a number of significant decisions affecting academic life and cover "hot" issues occurring that year. They are all printer-friendly .pdfs.

Legal roundups summarize decisions and developments on the following topics in the years noted. Other topics are addressed periodically.

Academic Freedom (2009–2022)
Academic Research and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests (2009–2020)
Collective Bargaining (2009–2022)
Copyright, Distance Education, & Intellectual Property (2009–2016)
Discrimination (2009–2022)
Diversity and Affirmative Action (2011–2022)
Institutional Authority and Governance (2009, 2011, 2013, 2018, 2019)
Graduate Students (2011–2022)
Tenure (2009–2022)

2022 Legal Roundup
2020 Legal Roundup
2019 Legal Roundup
2018 Legal Roundup
2017 Legal Roundup
2016 Legal Roundup
2015 Legal Roundup
2014 Legal Roundup
2013 Legal Roundup
2012 Legal Roundup
2011 Legal Roundup
2010 Legal Roundup
2009 Legal Roundup

For more information about a particular subject, please see our  list of resources broken down by topic. For questions about the cases covered in these roundups, please contact our legal office.