Fighting Targeted Harassment of Faculty

Placed on watchlists. Harassed on social media. Threatened. This is becoming normal in an environment increasingly hostile to faculty. Over the last few years, targeted online harassment of faculty has emerged as a significant threat to academic freedom. Fueled by websites such as Professor Watchlist, Campus Reform, and College Fix, campaigns of threats and harassment are directed against faculty members for what they are reported to have said in the classroom or posted on social media.

The AAUP believes that faculty play an important role in a free society and work to protect your right to speak out without fear. Scroll down for resources, reports, and articles to aid you in the fight against targeted harassment.

Toolkit on Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA is a right-wing nonprofit with the stated mission “to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.” TPUSA is behind the Professor Watchlist, and isn’t too keen on transparency. Many of the donors who support the $8 million budget of Turning Point USA prefer to remain anonymous. That’s not surprising given that Turning Point’s work has sparked vicious campaigns of online harassment against faculty members. 

Planning Ahead: Guides for Dealing with Targeted Harrassment

Reports, Articles, and Other Resources about Targeted Harassment