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Chapter Resources

Resources for All AAUP Chapters

Resources to help local AAUP leaders build strong chapters and conferences, work with state and local governments, communicate effectively, and plan events. Here you can find templates and sample documents that you can adapt to your campus or community.

Union Chapter Services

AAUP union chapters can draw on the expertise of national staff and leaders on collective bargaining topics. 

Find a Chapter

A list of AAUP chapter and affiliate websites.

Chapter Profiles

We use AAUP chapter profiles to share the stories of new and established chapters and ask them about their challenges and accomplishments.

Start a Chapter

Information on how to start an AAUP chapter. Active AAUP chapters serve the profession at over 500 accredited colleges and universities by supporting principles and programs that vitally affect the quality of higher education and professional life.

Forming a Union Chapter

What you can do to test your readiness for unionization and to lay the groundwork for a successful effort, plus an outline of the different phases of a union campaign.

Chapter Responsibilities

All AAUP chapters are responsible for financial rectitude, democratic governance, sound representation, fair resolution of any complaints, and regard for Association principles, policies, and procedures. Unionized chapters have additional responsibilities.