AAUP Shirts and Gear

We encourage chapters to buy AAUP T-shirts, pins, stickers, or other merchandise in bulk, which allows you to get lower prices and to buy from a union vendor. To do this, you can contact Tom McGinn at TM Promotional Marketing LLC (specify that you want union-made items) or you can work with the vendor of your choice (contact gbradley@aaup.org if you need help with this).

Chapters can also request limited quantities of free buttons and brochures from gbradley@aaup.org

AAUP posters are available for download here.

For members who just want to purchase one or a few items, we also offer AAUP T-shirts and other merchandise through Zazzle.com, a print-on-demand vendor.

We have the following items available:

Visit the AAUP store at: http://www.zazzle.com/theaaup