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The Family and Medical Leave Act

The AAUP receives many inquiries about the application of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to faculty members at colleges and universities. To clarify how to apply the FMLA in academic settings, this guidebook is broken into sections in which specific mandates are introduced and explained through a series of questions and answers. The guidebook has been updated to reflect changes since the US Supreme Court's June 2013 decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. Download (.pdf).

Navigating Faculty Appointments

This guidebook leads readers through questions about employment offers, evaluations and reviews, academic freedom, tenure requirements, and other topics. It is designed to assist both new and experienced faculty members. Based on standards of sound academic practice that the AAUP commends to the higher education commu#nity, the guide draws on the Association’s long history of implementing such standards in specific situations. Download (.pdf).

Pregnancy in the Academy

This guidebook explains how the Pregnancy Discrimination Act applies to women in the academic workplace and addresses such issues as the differences between pregnancy disability leave and family medical leave, the application of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in job interviews and the promotion and tenure process, and academic employees’ rights under the act. Note: This guidebook, originally published in 2006, was revised and republished in 2016. Changes include updates to reflect additional protections for students and for spouses in same-sex marriages. Download (.pdf).

See also our Faculty Handbooks Guide, which addresses the enforceability of faculty handbooks as contracts.