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Data Dashboards, Higher Education Finance, and Student Outcomes
Interactive dashboards with institutional financial information promote transparency and data-driven decision-making.
Protecting Academic Freedom with Transparent Funding
UnKoch My Campus has developed model policies to limit the impact of private philanthropy.
Austerity, Labor Exploitation, and the Academic Stretch-Out
Georgia is just one example of a state that leaves public colleges and universities understaffed and underresourced after decades of underfunding.
American Higher Education’s Past Was Gilded, Not Golden
It’s time to stop looking back nostalgically on the postwar era and to start prioritizing equity as we address the long-term funding crises that burden institutions and students.
Stop Trying to Find the Money—Create It
The Public Banking Act could empower universities to issue new forms of public money that serve democratic communities and repudiate austerity.
​Student Debt Cancellation on Campus
Faculty members are joining with students and staff in the movement for a debt-free future.
Budget and Finance Rucksack
Coalitions taking action on campus financial issues can learn a lot from resourceful, creative peers around the country.