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Eight Myths about Tenure
Myths about tenure help keep not only the public but much of the professoriate from recognizing the harsh reality that tenure, under sustained assault, is in danger of becoming a myth itself.
The Erosion of Support for Education and Tenure in Iowa
Iowa’s proud history of supporting its public universities is becoming a distant memory amid Republican-led efforts to devalue higher education.
The End of Faculty Tenure and the Transformation of Higher Education
The long-term decline in tenure density threatens the future of higher education in blue and red states alike.
Achieving Racial Equity in Promotion and Tenure
Achieving racial equity in the tenured faculty ranks will require concrete changes to promotion and tenure policies that too often devalue the work of faculty members of color.
A New Deal for Tenure
How the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure sought to solve the contingency crisis of the Great Depression.
Reprofessionalizing the Faculty
Campuses that have received the Delphi Award, given in recognition of innovations that support faculty members on contingent appointments, offer lessons for colleges and universities around the country.
Why and How to Publish an Advocate's Guide
Your chapter, too, can arm members with the facts needed to advocate on behalf of adjunct faculty colleagues.
Data Dashboards, Higher Education Finance, and Student Outcomes
Interactive dashboards with institutional financial information promote transparency and data-driven decision-making.
Protecting Academic Freedom with Transparent Funding
UnKoch My Campus has developed model policies to limit the impact of private philanthropy.