The Association and the Desegregation Controversy

The 1962 congressional testimony of AAUP president Ralph F. Fuchs.
By Ralph F. Fuchs

In March 1962, at the invitation of a subcommittee of the House Committee on Education and Labor, AAUP president Ralph Fuchs testified on "Association action and experience in relation to racial segregation and discrimination as it affects higher education." Fuchs's congressional testimony drew on resolutions supporting desegregation that had been passed at AAUP annual meetings as well as AAUP policy statements, investigations of southern institutions, and journal articles. His remarks were printed in the AAUP Bulletin, the predecessor to today's Academe magazine, and are being made available on the AAUP website to coincide with the publication of articles from the spring 2024 issue of Academe, which focuses on the AAUP's racial history.

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