Subnational Authoritarianism and the Campaign to Control Higher Education
Public colleges and universities face a coordinated, state-level assault.
Lessons from AAUP Advocacy in Texas
How a revived AAUP chapter and a coalition of allies mobilized against a legislative assault.
The Failure to Condemn White Supremacist "Education" Legislation in Tennessee
Faculty and administrators have dodged responsibility to confront bans on teaching "divisive concepts."
A Provisional Victory in Ohio
Can the state AAUP conference hold the line on educational quality and labor rights?
In North Carolina, an Esteemed Public University System Teeters on the Brink
Will attacks on faculty governance and tenure spell the end of the public research university?
Mourning and Organizing in Florida
An update from ground zero of the culture wars.
Curbing Dog-Whistle Politics
An article about the proliferation of anti-DEI legislation aimed at limiting educators and the larger threat posed to higher ed.
Political Repression and the AAUP from 1915 to the Present
How can we effectively respond to the current attack on academic freedom?
Here and Abroad, Universities Face an Autocratic Playbook
Politically motivated infringement of academic freedom and institutional autonomy is a global threat.
Fighting for the Freedom to Learn at New College of Florida
Advocates for Florida’s honors college are fighting against a hostile takeover that ideologues seek to replicate in other states.
Harnessing Demographic Shifts for Racial Justice in Higher Education
Increasing diversity in primarily white public universities shouldn’t come at the expense of institutions with a long history of serving Black and brown students.

Chapter Profile

Faculty Alliance of Miami AAUP-AFT Chapter
The Faculty Alliance of Miami AAUP-AFT (FAM) comprises two collective bargaining units across the Miami University campuses in Oxford, Hamilton, Middletown, and West Chester in Ohio.

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