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Care Is a Practice; Care Is Pedagogical
How can we be together online?
The House of Cards
Will COVID-19 finally bring down a system that pairs the most overworked and least supported faculty members with the neediest students?
Change Can Come Swiftly When We Rally Together
How the Georgia AAUP conference fought for a mask mandate—and won.
Reflections from the Battle Lines
Medical faculty members are fighting to keep our communities safe.
Black Women, Mutual Aid, and Union Organizing in the Time of COVID-19
The pandemic has lent new urgency to demands for a just future.
Moving beyond Crisis
How the Hampshire College AAUP chapter built solidarity and avoided faculty layoffs.
Owning the Fail
Students have a right to be disappointed in our institutions.
The Necroliberal University
Administrative responses to COVID-19 and racial violence project parallel visions of the management of death.
Liberal Education after the Pandemic
The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to redefine the value of liberal education as a common good and as a force for building a more humane and sustainable future.
How (Not) to Corporatize a University
A university president’s imposition of corporate culture to usher in drastic institutional change is an assault on faculty participation in governance.
Learning through the Pandemic
Transactional online education is failing our students.
How Diversity Rhetoric Obscures Structural Inequities in Higher Education
A bureaucratic approach to diversity issues in higher education, combined with the ebbing of faculty power and status, is shaping how marginalized academics imagine themselves and their professional futures.

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United Academics of the University of Oregon
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