Toward the Cooperative University: W. E. B. Du Bois’s Membership in the AAUP
A reexamination of Du Bois’s evolving vision of the university suggests new ways of thinking about the AAUP’s past and future.
Membership of Black Professors and the Annual Meeting
The AAUP, following US higher education as a whole, maintained discriminatory membership practices until the mid-twentieth century.
The AAUP and the Black Freedom Struggle, 1955–1965
AAUP investigations played a significant role in battles over academic freedom and racial equality in the South.
The AAUP and Academic Freedom at Grambling
An investigation undertaken more than a half century ago sheds light on the legacy of the Association’s work at historically Black colleges and universities in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Racial Equity and the Legacy of the AAUP’s Committee L
The Association’s past engagement with issues facing historically Black institutions and scholars of color can both inform and affirm its current commitment to racial justice in higher education.
The AAUP and the Angela Davis Case
What can we learn today from an AAUP investigating committee report written more than a half century ago?
AAUP Principles and the Long Struggle for Equality
Since the early 1970s, the AAUP has supported affirmative action as a constitutive element of its vision for higher education for the common good.
Sociology as a Safe Haven amid Attacks on DEI
A survey of sociologists trained at Ohio’s Bowling Green State University yields passionate defenses of their discipline and the tools it provides for fighting injustice.
When Fighting the Good Fight Means Decamping
The histories of Black Mountain College, the Free University of New York, and the Antiuniversity of London offer intriguing models for escape from an academy under siege.

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University of Pennsylvania AAUP Chapter
The advocacy chapter at the University of Pennsylvania has mobilized faculty across ranks for a powerful defense of academic freedom and resistance to external interference.

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