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Reflections on Faculty Life in a Pandemic
A diverse group of faculty contributors offer firsthand accounts of how the COVID-19 pandemic upended their lives and work.
The Necroliberal University
Administrative responses to COVID-19 and racial violence project parallel visions of the management of death.
For a Reparative University
As we look toward a postpandemic future, we must work to create a university that can repair both the devastating wounds inflicted on society under finance capitalism and the internal rifts that have diminished the community of scholars.
A Marshall Plan for Rebuilding Higher Education
Renewed government investment in public higher education could produce broad economic and social benefits.
COVID-19, Academic Mothers, and Opportunities for the Academy
The pandemic brings new urgency to the need to support the success of all faculty, especially women who are caregivers.
How Diversity Rhetoric Obscures Structural Inequities in Higher Education
A bureaucratic approach to diversity issues in higher education, combined with the ebbing of faculty power and status, is shaping how marginalized academics imagine themselves and their professional futures.

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United Academics of the University of Oregon
A profile of the United Academics of the University of Oregon chapter.

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