Proposed Changes to AAUP Organizational Structure

At their November 2018 meetings, the Council of the AAUP and the AAUP-Collective Bargaining Congress Executive Committee voted overwhelmingly to move forward with changes to our shared organizational structure. Following that vote, these governing bodies directed that detailed revisions to governing documents and other policies that would implement the approved changes be drafted for their review. The Council and the AAUP- CBC Executive Committee met on March 29 and 30, 2019, to consider these detailed draft revisions. They voted overwhelmingly to recommend a package of changes to the June 2019 AAUP annual meeting and AAUP-CBC regular meeting.The changes, should they be approved at the June 2019 annual meeting, will streamline our governance and organizational structure.

As is the case for many of our chapters, the recent Supreme Court decision in the Janus case has resulted in a loss of revenue for the national organization. It spurred us to assess how best to continue to support our chapters and the profession as a whole. But while Janus provided the impetus for change, we believe that change will ultimately result in a stronger organization. The proposed organizational changes reflect the shared vision of the AAUP and AAUP-CBC leadership that we are one profession united in our defense of the AAUP’s core principles of academic freedom, economic security, and shared governance for all those who teach and research in higher education, and in our commitment to higher education as a common good.

The primary proposed changes being considered are:
• Fold the AAUP-CBC into the AAUP. The AAUP Foundation (the charitable organization) would remain as it is. This would do away with duplicative internal processes and allow us to focus more directly on serving our chapters and the profession.

• Replace the AAUP’s annual meeting with a biennial delegate meeting. Chapter delegates would vote on the business of the AAUP. This would be less expensive and follow the model of many similar organizations.

• For election of officers and Council members, move from a mail ballot of individual members to a secret ballot of chapter delegates at the biennial meeting. This would be less expensive and follow the model of many similar organizations.

• Fold existing AAUP and AAUP-CBC governing boards into one governing board composed of three officers, five regional members, and three at-large members. This would create a more streamlined governance structure and do away with duplicative, sometimes competing, governance processes.

• Create an at-large chapter for members who are not currently affiliated with a chapter. While our emphasis will remain on forming and empowering chapters on campuses, this structure would provide a “home” chapter for our at-large members and will provide them with a vehicle for representation at the biennial meeting.

• Allow small chapters in a given state to band together to form a section for purposes of representation at the biennial meeting.

The June 2019 annual meeting will need to vote on constitutional amendments in order for these changes to take place. All AAUP members will receive formal notification well ahead of the June annual meeting.

The meeting itself will include opportunities to discuss the proposals, as well as additional business sessions regarding restructuring planning. We are also planning a series of webinars and in-person meetings for this spring to hear from members and to answer questions. You can also send any questions to

We believe that these changes will result in a smarter, more responsive AAUP, one that embraces the One Faculty model.

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Outline of Proposed Changes

FAQs about Proposed Restructuring of the AAUP’s Organizational Structure

Map of Proposed Council Districts

Constitutional Amendment Proviso (establishes the transitional leadership structure)

Joint Resolution (ties the different elements of the transition together and requires that the specific elements be passed by the relevant bodies as proposed in order for any changes to go into effect)

Proposed amendments to the AAUP Constitution codifying the changes directed by the AAUP Council and the AAUP-CBC Executive Committee:

AAUP Constitution with Proposed Amendments Marked

AAUP Constitution with Proposed Amendments Incorporated

Description of proposed amendments to the AAUP Constitution