2017 AAUP Updates

07.29.2013 | University of California Affirms Faculty Free Speech Rights

The University of California Board of Regents has affirmed the right of faculty to speak out about institutional matters without fear of reprisal.

07.24.2013 | The Role of the Faculty in Conditions of Financial Exigency

Recent years have witnessed massive closings of academic programs that are basic to a college or university’s curriculum, with a resulting erosion in the number and the authority of the tenured faculty.  The AAUP responded when its Council adopted as official policy the final text of a major report, The Role of the Faculty in Conditions of Financial Exigency.

07.23.2013 | Indiana AAUP Conference Statement & Open Letter from 90 Professors

"In those emails, you criticized the historian Howard Zinn and his work, and you sought to find ways to “get rid of” Zinn’s ideas in Indiana schools."

07.19.2013 | AAUP Urges SLU President to Take Corrective Action

The AAUP's letter reminds Saint Louis University President Biondi that,"The protection of the academic freedom of faculty members in addressing issues of institutional governance is a prerequisite for the practice of governance unhampered by fear of retribution."

07.09.2013 | AAUP Issues Statement on the Accreditation of City College of San Francisco

The AAUP's Executive Committee expresses its support for faculty, students, staff, and community members at CCSF; urges the ACCJC to reconsider its revocation of CCSF's accreditation and to meaningfully and publicly address the complaints lodged by faculty and others about its functioning.

07.02.2013 | Higher Ed Coalition Affirms Commitment to Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The AAUP joined with 36 other national organizations to affirm a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the wake of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin et al.

07.01.2013 | AAUP Issues Statement on UC-Boulder Ideology Survey

Henry Reichman, chair of the AAUP’s Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, expressed concern that a survey of ideological diversity at the University of Colorado-Boulder could be used to justify a political litmus test for faculty.

06.26.2013 | Confidentiality and Faculty Representation in Academic Governance

This statement argues that requiring faculty members to sign confidentiality agreements as a requirement to serve on university committees is in most cases inconsistent with widely accepted standards of shared governance and with the concept of serving as a representative.