Program Cuts

Investigation at SUNY Albany

An AAUP committee will investigate the decision of administrators at SUNY Albany to discontinue four foreign-language degree programs plus the theater arts program in the College of Arts and Sciences at SUNY, Albany. 

Review of Policies on Financial Exigency and Program Discontinuance

 Faced with a flood of program closings and terminations, the AAUP has established a subcommittee to review policies.

A Faculty Agenda for Hard Times

Thirty ways to leave higher education . . . in better shape than it is now.

Crisis In Public Higher Education

Public education in many states is facing a crisis, with sharp budget cuts, unprecedented attacks on faculty status and rights, and swelling enrollments.

The Real Language Crisis

We are becoming a nation of second-language illiterates, and recent draconian cuts to language teaching in colleges and universities are exacerbating an already serious problem.

Map Tracks Coverage of Program Closures

The past three issues of Academe have focused on the impact of the financial crisis facing higher education—on organizing efforts, on the humanities, and on state support for public universities. As articles in the current issue make clear, reductions in state support are forcing public colleges and universities, in particular, to raise tuition and fees.

Budget Cuts and Educational Quality

Policy makers—and the public—need to understand the potentially devastating effects of cuts to higher education.

The Crisis in Extramural Funding

If state support continues to decline, public research universities will be forced to abandon their historic mission and scientific research for the common good will suffer.

Opposition to Proposed Restructuring at Rutgers–Camden

Students, faculty, and staff at Rutgers University–Camden are protesting a planned move that would sever their campus from the statewide Rutgers system and merge it with Rowan University twenty miles to the south. Proponents of the change, including New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, say it is meant to help promote higher education opportunities in the southern part of the state. Opponents, including the Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters, say the move may be meant only to enhance the image of Rowan’s medical school when it opens later this year.

Occupy Education

March 1 was a national day of action for the Occupy Education movement. At campuses across the country, students, faculty, and staff organized protests, marches, sit-ins, and other nonviolent actions to draw attention to funding cuts, student debt, and the growing corporatization of higher education.


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