Mary W. Gray

Universities in the West Bank and Gaza

In 1990, I wrote in Academe about higher education in Palestine, in particular the difficulties of operating under military occupation. Then, in 2004, I updated the information, noting how much more difficult communication had become but mentioning some hopeful developments in teaching and research. I wish that I could now write a more optimistic piece. The West Bank and Gaza are still under varying degrees of occupation, as shown to some extent by the map below. Traveling even short distances can be a daily trauma for faculty members and students.

The AAUP and Women

It is not that the AAUP hasn't always had women members. When there were hundreds of women’s colleges (as compared with fewer than fifty today) whose faculty were mostly women, some chapters may have consisted exclusively of women. But the relative scarcity of women, particularly in the upper ranks and in the most prestigious institutions, was apparent to at least some in the AAUP’s early years.

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