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Hans-Joerg Tiede

Revised Policies at Illinois Wesleyan

Illinois Wesleyan University strengthened its policies on financial exigency this spring, bringing them into compliance with AAUP recommendations. The process was led by Hans-Joerg Tiede, associate professor of computer science, who is the AAUP chapter president and also chaired a task force charged with reviewing the faculty handbook.

Collaborative Decision Making Regarding Salary Policy: A Case Study

As part of this year’s report we include a case study of compensation discussions on one specific campus. Like all feature articles in Academe, this case study represents the views of the authors and not necessarily the formal policies of the AAUP. It is presented here not to serve as a model but to stimulate discussion around shared governance in faculty compensation. We had initially commissioned a second case study, but it was not available at press time.

Faculty Communication with Governing Boards

College and university governance works best when every constituency within the institution has a clear understanding of its role with respect to the other constituencies. It works best when communication among the governing board, the administration, and the faculty (not to mention the staff and students) is regular, open, and honest. Too often the president serves as the sole conduit for the governing board and the faculty to communicate with each other. While this practice may be efficient, it rarely enhances understanding between governing boards and faculties.

‘To Make Collective Action Possible’: The Founding of the AAUP

The article reviews the developments that led to the founding of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Events before, during, and following the founding meeting in 1915, as well as the efforts of two of its founders, Arthur Lovejoy and E.R.A. Seligman, brought about the early focus on academic freedom.

New Survey Data Provides a Snapshot of Shared Governance Then and Now

The AAUP released the second report on data collected from the 2021 AAUP Shared Governance Survey, the first national survey on shared governance since 2001. Focusing on faculty roles in decision making areas at 585 randomly-sampled four-year institutions of higher education, the report notes that the survey presents a mixed picture of the current state of shared governance.

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