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Collective Bargaining

University of Oregon Faculty Launch Union Campaign

 A central theme of the campaign is that “teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.”

AAUP Statement on Indiana Right-to-Work Law

The AAUP stands behind the right of all employee groups to decide for themselves whether to bargain collectively. 

Historic Michigan Campaign Under Way

 A victory for this high profile group of academic employees would be a victory for every cohort of unrepresented research assistants across the country.

Academic Leaders to Testify in Favor of Faculty Collective Bargaining Rights

The AAUP has long held that faculty members and graduate employees at public and private institutions are entitled to choose whether to engage in collective bargaining.

Higher Ed Leaders Express Support for Collective Bargaining in Oregon

On behalf of more than 63,000 collectively organized instructional and research employees at flagship and research university systems across the country, thirteen higher education leaders have written a letter supporting the campaign for collective bargaining at the University of Oregon. 

Agreement on Faculty Union at University of Oregon

Update: April 27, 2012 United Academics of the University of Oregon, AAUP/AFT, AFL-CIO is officially certified.  

New Faculty Union at University of Oregon

This spring, faculty members at the University of Oregon filed union authorization cards with the state Employment Relations Board and came to an agreement with the administration, clearing the way for union certification.

The Call to Organize

The AAUP has recently seen more new collective bargaining organizing opportunities than we have in years. In a successful solo campaign, we helped faculty at Bowling Green State University form a union, and—together with the American Federation of Teachers and groups of dedicated faculty activists on each campus—we made history with successful organizing campaigns at two research universities: the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Oregon.

Congratulations to UIC Faculty

After two faculty bargaining units were certified last week, the University of Illinois at Chicago administration has indicated it will stop fighting recognition and proceed to bargaining. 


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