Collective Bargaining

Singing All the Way to the Union

University of Chicago students don’t lose themselves in old protest songs—they find themselves by creating a new public sphere.

The Antiunion Devil in the Details

FAR4, a new graduate fellowship package, is a far cry from a decent labor contract.

Occupy and Escalate

Graduate students should occupy not just buildings but also disciplinary and professional organizations.

Reeling In the Years

The history of the oldest graduate student union in the country teaches how to fuse bread-and-butter issues and social justice.

To the Power of Many

On the importance of faculty committing not just to supporting graduate students but also to organizing themselves.

Health Center Unionizes with the AAUP

The medical faculty at the University of Connecticut Health Center voted this week to unionize. This marks the first time that faculty at a freestanding medical school have voted to unionize. They will be represented by a chapter of the AAUP.

The faculty at the health center is composed of physicians, research scientists, dentists, teaching faculty, and research faculty. These faculty members perform a variety of jobs, including patient care, dental care, scientific research, and the training of future physicians in both classroom and clinical environments.

Victory for Suffolk Part-Time Faculty Chapter

The Suffolk Affiliated Faculty collective bargaining chapter (SAF-AAUP) laid claim to an important victory when it submitted a letter to the Suffolk University administration noting that the chapter had met the requirements needed to activate the fair-share provision of its new contract. The provision mandated that the union achieve 55 percent membership by December 1 in order for fair share to take effect.

Good Contract in Tough Times

Yesterday, members of the University of Akron AAUP chapter ratified a contract with the administration. 


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