Health Center Unionizes with the AAUP

By Howard Bunsis

The medical faculty at the University of Connecticut Health Center voted this week to unionize. This marks the first time that faculty at a freestanding medical school have voted to unionize. They will be represented by a chapter of the AAUP.

The faculty at the health center is composed of physicians, research scientists, dentists, teaching faculty, and research faculty. These faculty members perform a variety of jobs, including patient care, dental care, scientific research, and the training of future physicians in both classroom and clinical environments.

“This accomplishment was made possible by the incredible collaboration of faculty members from every discipline and department of the health center, and it was so inspiring to witness how everyone came together,” said Donald Kreutzer, a research faculty member and one of the leaders of the unionization drive.

The organizing drive was aided by faculty and leaders at the University of Connecticut chapter of the AAUP, whose executive director, Ed Marth, commented: “We are very pleased that the faculty at the health center voted to have the AAUP represent them in collective bargaining, and we at the University of Connecticut look forward to working closely with the health center faculty as they move forward in their goals of serving the people of the greater Hartford area.”