Historic First Contract at University of Oregon

By Gwendolyn Bradley

United Academics, a joint affiliate of the AAUP and the American Federation of Teachers, reached an agreement on a first contract with the University of Oregon administration in September. United Academics is a union representing over 1,800 faculty members and other academic employees at the University of Oregon.

“This agreement represents a major step forward for all faculty at the UO,” said Yvonne Braun, a member of the negotiating team. “It provides fair salary increases, strong job security protections, and a robust role for faculty in university governance.” Highlights of the agreement include

  • an average salary increase of 11.75 percent over the life of the two-year agreement;
  • the creation of a minimum salary for non-tenure-track faculty; and
  • robust protection of academic freedom and free speech.

Howard Bunsis, chair of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress, called the tentative agreement a historic moment for everyone who works in the academic profession. “The membership was able to achieve a contract that fairly compensates those who do the critical work of educating the students at the University of Oregon and conducting world-class research,” he said. “Just as important, this contract gave a voice in the process and a seat at the table to both tenure-track and contingent faculty. That voice and that seat will demonstrate to students and the university community that everyone benefits when we work collectively.”

For full details, see the union’s website: http://www.uauoregon.org.