2016 AAUP Updates

04.27.2016 | Northern Illinois University Faculty Form Union

Today, tenured and tenure-track faculty at Northern Illinois University filed with the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board to form a new union affiliated with the AAUP. It will represent more than six hundred faculty members at NIU.

04.18.2016 | A Warm Welcome to Southern Nevada Faculty!

Full-time faculty at the College of Southern Nevada have voted overwhelmingly to form a collective bargaining chapter affiliated with the AAUP.

04.05.2016 | James Perley, Former AAUP President, Dies at 77

With sadness we note the death of professor James Perley, who served as AAUP president from 1994 to 1998.  Perley wrote that the accomplishments of which he was most proud in the AAUP were the adoption of a policy which allows faculty to see references written anonymously by external reviewers and the establishment of a committee to address the concerns of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer faculty.

03.30.2016 | Statement Protests Turkish Suppression of Academic Freedom

Although the AAUP does not normally take positions on alleged violations of or threats to academic freedom outside of the US, the Association issued a statement today protesting the harsh crackdown by the Turkish government against dissident academics. 

03.30.2016 | Win For Labor

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court rejected attempts by anti-union forces to render agency fee unconstitutional in the public sector in the case Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association. The Court upheld an appellate court decision that found agency fee constitutional, stating in full, “The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided Court.” Thus, the law remains as it has for over forty years. This is good news for  faculty unions and for all American workers.

03.29.2016 | Support for Graduate Employee Rights

The AAUP's Committee on Graduate and Professional Students commends graduate student workers at both Columbia University and the New School for their efforts to overturn the 2004 National Labor Relations Board decision that removed the right of graduate employees to collective bargaining. The right to organize and engage in collective action for mutual aid and benefit is a fundamental guarantee that all workers should enjoy. 

03.28.2016 | Statement Urges Caution Toward Academic Analytics

The AAUP Executive Committee issued a statement about institutions' use of private "metrics providers" such as Academic Analytics. While such services promise "objective" data about faculty research productivity, some of the firm's metrics lack any qualitative dimension. The statement urges colleges and universities to exercise extreme caution in deciding whether to subscribe to external sources of data and to avoid making decisions about tenure and promotion based primarily on such data. 

03.14.2016 | 2016 Election Ballots Mailed

Ballots for this year’s national Officer and Council election were mailed March 7 to eligible voting members. In order to be counted, ballots must be received by April 15.