2023 AAUP Updates

04.05.2023 | Faculty Real Wages Decrease Again

Preliminary data from the 2023 Faculty Compensation Survey are now available.

03.28.2023 | New Data on the Academic Workforce

The AAUP's data snapshot documents the shift in US academic employment from mostly full-time tenured or tenure-track appointments to mostly contingent appointments, as well as disparities that remain for women faculty and faculty of color.

03.10.2023 | AAUP Files Brief Supporting Firearms Prohibition at University of Michigan

The AAUP joined gun violence prevention organizations Brady and Team Enough in filing an amicus brief in support of the University of Michigan’s ordinance prohibiting the possession of firearms and other dangerous weapons on university property, citing that the university's prohibition protects the free speech rights of students and faculty, safeguards academic freedom, promotes the free exchange of ideas on campus, and furthers the university’s core educational goals.

03.06.2023 | Censure at Indiana University Northwest

On Saturday, the governing Council of the AAUP voted unanimously to add Indiana University Northwest to the Association’s list of censured administrations after an investigation found that the administration acted against Dr. Mark McPhail in a way that violated AAUP-supported standards of academic due process. The committee further concluded that conditions for academic governance at the institution are unsound and its racial climate is unwelcoming to faculty members of color.

02.27.2023 | Florida Bill Would Destroy Higher Education as We Know It

With the introduction of HB 999, the Florida legislature—at Governor DeSantis’s urging—has doubled down on its attacks on academic freedom with a bill that would effectively silence faculty and students across the ideological spectrum and purge whole fields of study from public universities.

02.27.2023 | Accreditation Decisions Should Uphold Academic Freedom

AAUP president Irene Mulvey submitted public comments to the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI), urging the body responsible for making recommendations to the US Department of Education on issues related to accreditation and educational quality to uphold principles of academic freedom as political interference increases.

02.13.2023 | AAUP and AFT Comment on Student Loan and Accountability Proposals

The AAUP joined the AFT in submitting two public comments on proposals made by the US Department of Education. We support the administration’s efforts to lower monthly payments for borrowers, decrease the time to forgiveness for many borrowers, increase the income threshold to qualify for $0 monthly payments, and stop negative amortization for borrowers who are on income driven repayment. But we urge the department to lower the discretionary income cap to 5 percent for all borrowers, including graduate and undergraduate borrowers, and to work to include Parent PLUS borrowers in their proposals.

02.09.2023 | AAUP President Slams Temple University Strikebreaking Attempts

The vindictive act of cutting graduate student healthcare and tuition benefits rather than simply sitting down at the table to negotiate is a shameful tactic meant to break the will of the hard-working graduate students whose contributions make Temple University the premier university it is.