2023 AAUP Updates

10.20.2023 | Attack on ASU Professor a New Low

AFT president Randi Weingarten and AAUP president Irene Mulvey released a statement condemning the attack on Arizona State University professor David Boyles by Turning Point USA operatives.

10.18.2023 | Draconian Compensation Plan Violates Principle of Tenure at Tufts

The AAUP filed an amicus brief in a case involving Tufts University's implementation of a compensation plan that requires medical school faculty to raise a portion of their salaries through external grant funding. The plan violates Tufts’s own definition of tenure, which was lifted virtually verbatim from the AAUP’s recommendations and states that faculty should have “academic freedom” and “economic security.”

10.06.2023 | Illinois State University Faculty File for Union Authorization

An overwhelming majority of tenure-line faculty at Illinois State University filed union authorization cards this week. Upon certification, the United Faculty of ISU will be affiliated with the AAUP, the AFT, and the Illinois Federation of Teachers, serving as what assistant professor Xiaoying Zhao called "a strong voice to advocate for the needs of our students, this institution, and our colleagues.”

09.18.2023 | New Podcast Episodes Examine Racial Equity in Higher Ed

In episode 1, we discuss grappling with the history of higher education in order to figure out how to ensure that traditionally marginalized voices not only have a seat at the table but are leading the way forward. Episode 2 focuses on how to achieve greater racial diversity and equity in higher education after the Supreme Court overturned forty years of precedent and ended race-conscious admissions as we know it.

09.14.2023 | AAUP Calls Out Lack of Faculty Involvement as WVU Board Votes on Massive Program Cuts

Today, the AAUP sent a letter to the administration of West Virginia University warning that it “would view with grave concern any terminations of tenured faculty appointments for financial reasons that are effected in a manner inconsistent with” AAUP-recommended standards. The university’s board of governors is scheduled to vote tomorrow on final recommendations to reduce and eliminate academic programs, which could result in the termination of dozens of faculty appointments, as part of WVU’s “Academic Transformation” process.

08.24.2023 | Student Loan Update

After more than three and a half years, student loan payments will resume in early fall. Make sure you’re ready!

08.23.2023 | AAUP and Nevada Faculty Alliance File Brief in Gender-Bias Case

The AAUP and the Nevada Faculty Alliance filed a joint amicus brief in support of a former University of Nevada, Reno, assistant professor who alleges that her tenure denial, based largely on assessment of student evaluations of her teaching, violates the Title VII prohibition on sex-based discrimination. 

08.21.2023 | Maryland Community College Workers Say "Union Yes"

After months of organizing, more than 80 percent of the 170 faculty at Howard Community College and 100 faculty at Frederick Comunity College petitioned the state Public Employee Relations Board to join the AAUP, AFT-Maryland, and the AFT.