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Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students

Joint statement enumerating the essential provisions for students’ freedom to learn, including guidelines related to access to higher education, rights in the classroom, student records, student affairs, and procedural standards in disciplinary proceedings.

An Open Letter to Ninth Graders

Preparing our students, long before they become our students.

Understanding the Working College Student

New research shows that students are working more and juggling a multitude of roles, creating anxiety and lowering graduation rates.

Spare the Rigor, Spoil the Learning

It is time for the faculties of American colleges and universities to take teaching—and their students’ futures—more seriously.

Rethinking the Rules of the Higher Education Game

Rising tuition isn’t the only obstacle to equitable higher education access.

Life Ate My Homework

When students’ complex lives are filled with real crises, real teaching means flexibility and understanding.

External faculty evaluation Web sites are gaining ground—and massive amounts of data.

From the Editor: What We Owe Students

Amazing sea-monkeys. X-ray specs. Invisible goldfish that remain invisible, absolutely as promised.

The Myths of Meritocracy

As the daughter of affluent professionals, I always thought merit-based aid filled a gap in the funding of higher education for students like me, who excelled in school by traditional measures but did not qualify for need-based aid, even after going through the grueling process of filling out applications for student financial aid offered by the government and the College Board.

Leaving the Job Undone

Update: H.R. 1586 was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives. 



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