Irene Mulvey

Statement on President Trump's Attack on Critical Race Theory

AAUP president Irene Mulvey issued a statement on September 9 calling on faculty and administrations to condemn President Trump's attack on critical race theory and to actively support the work of critical race theorists and other academics who offer indispensable resources for understanding the past and present and for building a more racially just society.

AAUP and AFT Applaud "Meaningful Down Payment" on Urgently Needed New Deal for Higher Ed

“The Build Back Better Act represents a historic and long-overdue investment in higher education—as well as a meaningful down payment on the additional changes needed to aid our colleges and universities, and the people who make them run. Increased Pell Grant funding, a new college retention and completion fund, and tuition subsidies at minority-serving institutions are important initiatives that will help students at a wide range of institutions, and go beyond the free community college funding that is the signature program of this bill."

AAUP President: Columbia President Shafik Trampled on Students’ Rights

Our campuses should be places of learning and education. Our goal should be dialogue and communication in service of understanding. Critically evaluating different points of view and putting up to debate even the most deeply held beliefs are what we should be promoting, modeling and supporting. President Shafik’s silencing of peaceful protesters and having them hauled off to jail does a grave disservice to Columbia’s reputation and will be a permanent stain on her presidential legacy.

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