International Education

A Price above Rubrics

British universities never challenged the Orwellian terminology of managerialism. The outcome is the disintegration of a higher education system that was once a jewel.

Is There Life after Neoliberalism?

Knowledge Matters: The Public Mission of the Research University. Diana Rhoten and Craig Calhoun, eds. New York: Columbia University Press, 2011.

An Open Letter to the Yale Community

Letter raising concerns about the implications of the university's undertaking for academic freedom and the maintenance of educational standards at Yale and elsewhere.

The Twenty-First-Century Student

Linguistic Minority Students Go to College: Preparation, Access, and Persistence. Yasuko Kanno and Linda Harklau, eds. New York: Routledge, 2012.

Universities in the West Bank and Gaza

In 1990, I wrote in Academe about higher education in Palestine, in particular the difficulties of operating under military occupation. Then, in 2004, I updated the information, noting how much more difficult communication had become but mentioning some hopeful developments in teaching and research. I wish that I could now write a more optimistic piece. The West Bank and Gaza are still under varying degrees of occupation, as shown to some extent by the map below. Traveling even short distances can be a daily trauma for faculty members and students.

Denial of Entry to Professor Troubling

The administration of NYU has maintained that its Abu Dhabi campus will observe the AAUP’s principles on academic freedom and that all faculty and students will be free to enter and leave the country without undue restriction. Professor Ross’s experience raises considerable doubt about these claims.

The AAUP's Role in a Globalized, Competitive Higher Education Landscape

It’s no secret that higher education has become increasingly globalized and competitive. For the past two decades, during an era we refer to as “Global Competition 1.0,” contemporary globalization and major advances in information technology have made academics, administrators, and governments more aware of higher education institutions around the world. Comparisons abound as many colleges and universities work to improve their standing on the global higher education stage.

What Can We Learn from Chinese Universities?

Palace of Ashes: China and the Decline of American Higher Education by Mark S. Ferrara. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015.


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