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International Education

Reforming Doctoral Education in Europe

You think getting a common currency was hard for the European Union? Now the EU is trying for a common doctoral degree.

Transforming the Culture of Higher Education in South Africa

Opening up the conversation about institutional culture and race in South African universities.

From the Editor: Welcome to the United States After January 20, 2009

This issue of Academe coincides with the inauguration of the forty-fourth president of the United States, a historic occasion by any reckoning. And our concerns in the world of higher education in many ways echo the challenges to the nation at large. First, in this issue of Academe, we address the youth vote—the concerns of graduate students and young faculty members—in a few different ways.

Global Trends in Academic Governance

U.S. professors feel less powerful than their colleagues abroad.

State Department Lifts Ban on Scholars

Update 2/16/10: The AAUP and other coalition members sent a letter to secretary of state Hillary Clinton thanking her for ending the exclusion of Habib and Ramadan and asking her to reconsider other, similar cases.

U.S. Should Not Ban People on Ideological Grounds

7/27/10 Update: Commenting on the reversal, AAUP president Cary Nelson stated, " We hope that reversing such a foolish and undemocratic decision means that the whole ideological exclusion program will soon be abandoned."

Human Rights, Academic Freedom, and Offshore Academics

The rush to create universities abroad, especially in countries with authoritarian governments, can come at a high cost: from exploitation of migrant labor to uncertain protection of free speech and basic rights.

Administration Will Address Ideological Exclusion

The Obama administration will take steps to reduce the exclusion of scholars and others from the U.S. on the basis of their political views, according to a State Department letter made public by the AAUP, the ACLU, and PEN American Center.

Groups Request Review of Visa Denial

3/24 Update: A U.S. Embassy today granted acclaimed Afghan human rights activist and former MP Malalai Joya, a visa, a little over a week after she was initially turned down


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