Graduate Students

Why Graduate Students Reject the Fast Track

A study of thousands of doctoral students shows that they want balanced lives.

Meet Some Members

AAUP members from all types of institutions talk about budgets and other challenges in higher ed, the explosion in contingent appointments, the importance of new organizing, and why the AAUP's role is key.

Don’t Mourn, Organize

For the past fifteen years, the state of Rhode Island has contracted with the University of Rhode Island to fund approximately ten graduate assistants in the physical therapy department in exchange for each providing ten hours a week of physical therapy to patients at Eleanor Slater Hospital, which houses patients with acute and long-term medical illness, as well as those with psychiatric disorders. But that funding was eliminated in the last round of state budget cuts. Those students are without funding and the patients are without physical therapy.

—Report of a union activist at the University of Rhode Island.

Singing All the Way to the Union

University of Chicago students don’t lose themselves in old protest songs—they find themselves by creating a new public sphere.

The Antiunion Devil in the Details

FAR4, a new graduate fellowship package, is a far cry from a decent labor contract.

Graduate Education Is the Dubai of Higher Learning

The graduate student is the epitome of the new flex worker in the “no-collar” workforce.

Occupy and Escalate

Graduate students should occupy not just buildings but also disciplinary and professional organizations.

Reeling In the Years

The history of the oldest graduate student union in the country teaches how to fuse bread-and-butter issues and social justice.

To the Power of Many

On the importance of faculty committing not just to supporting graduate students but also to organizing themselves.

How To Radicalize Graduate Students

Take these simple steps to intimidate, alienate, and agitate your own flock of graduate students.


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