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Eight Actions to Reduce Racism in College Classrooms

Last year, at dozens of colleges and universities across the United States, students protested institutional unresponsiveness to pervasive issues of racial inequity. Most media attention disproportionately focused on the popularity of the protests as opposed to the actual issues underlying campus unrest.

Why Standardized Tests Have Standardized Postracial Ideology

Barack Obama’s presidency will forever be connected to postracial ideology. The postracial idea that racism has been marginalized or eradicated came of age during the early years of his tenure in office. It was mortally wounded during the final years of his presidency by a rash of police shootings and Black Lives Matter protests.

Populism, Elitism, and Academic Deference

Courtrooms and Classrooms: A Legal History of College Access, 1860–1960 by Scott M. Gelber. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016.

Council Resolution in the Wake of the Elections

At its November meeting, the AAUP’s national Council approved a resolution on the campus climate in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president. Noting that “the free exchange of ideas is incompatible with an atmosphere of fear,” the resolution condemned the wave of hate crimes that followed the election. The Council called on college and university administrators to take action against those who have threatened the safety of campus community members and asked AAUP members to speak out against assaults and support efforts to ensure that campuses are inclusive.


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