Cary Nelson

American Fatwa

Because faculty members have long contributed to democratic debate by expressing their views in the public sphere, it is especially notable and worrisome when they become targets of what nearly amount to an American Fatwa.

Cary Nelson and Kenneth Stern Pen Open Letter on Campus Antisemitism

On April 20, 2011, AAUP president Cary Nelson and Kenneth Stern of the American Jewish Committee published an open letter on the topic of campus antisemitism, and especially how it related to Title VI regulations about discrimination in federally funded programs. The letter was written in response to several recent allegations of antisemitism at campuses around the country.

A Faculty Agenda for Hard Times

Thirty ways to leave higher education . . . in better shape than it is now.

From the President: Reforming Faculty Identity

Last year the AAUP’s Committee on Contingency and the Profession issued an important report titled Tenure and Teaching-Intensive Appointments. I have repeatedly endorsed its recommendation that all long-term college teachers be granted tenure at the percentage appointments they currently have. I always point out that the proposal is budget-neutral. It doesn’t make institutions give contingent faculty members a living wage; it just gives them job security, though of course they’d be better able to agitate for improved working conditions if they were tenured.

An AAUP Chapter Can Transform Your Campus

Big or small, established or fledgling, an AAUP chapter on your own campus can accomplish a surprising number of things that even the most committed faculty member can’t do alone.

From The President: I Want to Be a Member of a Faculty Union Because…

1. The faculty must be organized to advocate for its professional values, principles, and responsibilities, including its support for student rights.

2. The community would benefit from much wider and more organized faculty participation in campus life.

3. A faculty union can forge effective alliances between faculty members and other employee groups on campus and in the community.

The Call to Organize

The AAUP has recently seen more new collective bargaining organizing opportunities than we have in years. In a successful solo campaign, we helped faculty at Bowling Green State University form a union, and—together with the American Federation of Teachers and groups of dedicated faculty activists on each campus—we made history with successful organizing campaigns at two research universities: the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Oregon.

Report on Academic-Industry Partnerships

This report is unstinting in its defense of academic freedom and the rights of faculty to control their research agendas and the fate of the intellectual property they create.

Media Matters

When the news broke in the New York Times in August 2009 that Yale University Press had decided to remove twelve Danish cartoon images of the prophet Mohammed from The Cartoons That Shook the World, a forthcoming book by Brandeis political scientist Jytte Klausen, I felt that the AAUP had only three or four hours to issue a statement if we wanted to shape the story as it spread through the media. 


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