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From the President: Why We Need Dues Reform

In fall 2007, the AAUP began sending out twice-monthly emails to nearly 400,000 faculty members nationwide. About 350,000 of those were nonmembers. We called attention to our key policy statements and reports, alerted people to emerging higher education issues, and publicized AAUP initiatives. As a result, many faculty members are better informed about what the AAUP is and what it does. Tens of thousands now have an intellectual, philosophical, political, and professional relationship with the AAUP that they did not have before.

Securing the Three-Legged Stool

No University Is an Island: Saving Academic Freedom. Cary Nelson. New York: New York University Press, 2010

AAUP Election Results

Cary Nelson has been elected president of the AAUP for a third two-year term. Nelson is professor of English and Jubilee Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a well-known scholar and academic activist. An author or editor of twenty-five books and the author of 150 articles, he has served on the AAUP’s national Council for ten years, six as second vice president and the last four as president.

From the President: Collaborative Budgeting

The AAUP has long been on the record about the importance of the faculty’s participation in budgetary decisions. The organization gave specific emphasis to the issue in its 1972 statement The Role of the Faculty in Budgetary and Salary Matters. Yet it is no secret that the recession has led a number of administrations to undermine this principle, either imposing actions without sufficient consultation or denying faculty members access to the financial information they need to make well-informed recommendations.

From the President: Will Any Good Come of It?

At its June meeting, the AAUP’s national Council opted for a one-year experiment in open nominations for the 2011 Council races. As in the recent rerun of the election for the chair of the Assembly of State Conferences, any member in good standing will be able to run for a Council position, either in his or her own district or for a nationwide seat. The only additional requirement is that each candidate submit a petition signed by at least six current AAUP members.

From the President: Corporate-Funded Research

Shortly after the news broke that BP was issuing research contracts with unusually restrictive provisions to scientists doing research on the Gulf oil spill, I published a statement of concern in Inside Higher Ed.

Reopening Antioch

In an open letter to Antioch's new president and the college's stakeholders, the AAUP reminds the college of its responsibilities.

One Story That Grew a Life of its Own

On July 22, 2010, AAUP president Cary Nelson discussed BP, academic freedom, and the perils of corporate funding in "BP and Academic Freedom" with Inside Higher Ed. The story went viral and to Congress.

From the President: The Last Chance

Incremental state funding of public higher education is over. The annual legislative battle for a percentage increase in higher education budgets is now a losing proposition. That is one cold lesson of the last two years. The era of the state funding budget cycle for higher education has, for all practical purposes, come to an end. Public funding is being inexorably replaced by incremental cost shifting from states to students, with tuition revenue and student debt replacing tax dollars.

Advocacy and Faculty Rights

Update (2/1): Kristopher Petersen-Overton announced that he has been rehired. Cary Nelson called the rehiring "a victory for academic freedom and for the faculty."


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