Sample Op-Eds

Op-eds and letters do not have to be elaborate or published in major news outlets to be helpful. Instead, it is important to get them in quickly when an opportunity presents itself. Here is a short list of pieces on topics relating to collective bargaining, contingent faculty rights, and public higher education. If you have worked on or published an op-ed, please send it along to [email protected]

Cincinnati.comPolitical agendas attack our academic freedom in Ohio. By John McNay, chair of the AAUP's Committee on Government Relations and professor of history at the University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash.

Hechinger ReportTrump’s Justice Dept. “would better serve students by focusing on legitimate threats to students’ civil rights". By Neal Hutchens, professor of Higher Education at the University of Mississippi and a member of the AAUP Litigation Committee.

News & ObserverUNC Board should remember UNC mission. By Rudy Fichtenbaum and Michael DeCesare, AAUP president and president and chair of the AAUP’s Committee on College and University Governance.

The Chronicle of Higher EducationHow to Avoid a Post-Scholar America. By Neisha N. Blain, assistant professor of history at the University of Pittsburgh, and Ibram X Kendi, professor of history and international relations at American University.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Crashing the Academic Conversation. By Isaac Kamola, assistant professor of Political Science at Trinity College and president of the Trinity AAUP chapter.

Cincinnati EnquirerRight-to-work means lower pay, more workplace deaths. By Ron Jones, president of the AAUP University of Cincinnati, and John McNay, president of the Ohio Conference of the AAUP.