Resources on Presidential Searches

AAUP Policy, Statements, & Reports
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Confidentiality and Faculty Representation in Academic Governance (2013)

Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation, and Retention of Administrators (1981) 

Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities (1966)

Report on the Use of Executive Recruiters in Presidential Searches (1997)

Other AAUP Resources

Statement on Presidential Searches (2015)

Investigative Reports Relating to Presidential Searches

Report on College and University Governance: University of Iowa (2015)

Report on College and University Governance: The University of Virginia Governing Board’s Attempt to Remove the President (2013)

Academe Articles on Presidential Searches

Data Snapshot: Data Trends in Faculty Participation in Presidential Searches (Winter 2020)
By Hans-Joerg Tiede

Rebuilding “Iowa Nice” in Shared Governance: From Sanction to Collaboration (Fall 2019)
By Sandra Daack-Hirsch, Frank Durham, Russell Ganim, Edward Gillan, and Justine Kolker

The Cost of Closed Searches (Spring 2019)
By Frank D. LoMonte

Ohio AAUP Chapters Contend with Secretive Searches (Spring 2019)
By John T. McNay

Weathering a Presidential Pseudo-Search (May-June 2017) 
By Andrew Pieper

The Well-Tempered Search: Hiring Faculty and Administrators for Mission (May-June 2001) Available on JSTOR
By Patricia T. Van Der Vorm

University Presidential Searches: Exercises in Secrecy or Shared Governance? (September-October 1997) Available on JSTOR
By Dennis M. Clausen

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