Resolution Honoring Caprice Lawless

On March 5, 2023, the AAUP's national Council approved the following resolution.

Whereas Professor Caprice Lawless has been selfless and tireless in her work promoting AAUP principles and standards at the local, state and national level;

Whereas Professor Caprice Lawless nourished our contingent colleagues with her Adjunct Cookbook, nourished our striking colleagues with her AAUP Strike Chow and nourished all of us with her Vitamin AAUP prepared with love;

Whereas Professor Caprice Lawless worked harder than anyone at any time to make the profession better for contingent faculty in Colorado and throughout the country;

Whereas the AAUP will never ever see another as energetic, as creative, as ingenious, as indefatigable, as amazing, as loved as Professor Caprice Lawless;

Be it resolved that the AAUP acknowledges a deep debt of gratitude to Professor Caprice Lawless and recognizes that her contributions have made the AAUP better, more inclusive, and stronger organization for today and for the future.